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"Real education is like drawing water from a well, not pouring something into the well. Real education is drawing out of your being, so that your inner luminosity starts filtering through your body, your behavior."

Life Moves Training beginning in 2018

The journey of embodiment is a lifelong ongoing recovery that unfolds through mobilising curiosity and child like inquiry. Navanita offers a way that supports people finding their own embodiment language. Through somatic movement and meditation we practice articulating and expressing. A precious path to find the peace and stillness that happens easily and naturally, when we land inside our bodies.

Offered in 2018 and 2019*
Training: Embodying Anatomy - July in Cologne
Module 1 Facilitators Training: The Dance of Embodiment October in Parin
Experiential Perception Group: The Dance of the Embryo December in Cologne
Module 2 Facilitators Training: Resourcing through Movement April 2019 in Parin

Navanita is offering these Somatic movement and Embodying Meditation training/workshops in which each offers a particular learning experientially based material that can support you both personally and at the same time gives you the tools to use in your work. Participating in these 4 different workshops will give you the possibility to increase your language of movement and perception, ability to express, sense and dialogue of embodiment. For booking the Facilitator’s training in Parin (which will be continuing to offer more modules ) please connect directly with Navanita at
Accommodations are booked directly with Parin.

Embodying Anatomy – Embodying Resources 19th – 22nd July – Cologne

This is an embodiment grounded in meditation training. While it is based in somatic movement principles, no previous experience in this field is required. It is offered as a training for people wishing to incorporate this into their professions or individual practices. We will become conscious of how anatomical structure supports movement and how each different body system offers a particular quality and resource. Moving away from our overused muscle and nervous system and recovering consciousness of the ability and support of all body systems. 
P.S We will reatune and update the moving maps mind and eject the out-dated files.

The Dance of Embodiment – Conscious Body, Embodied Meditation
(Module 1 of Life Moves Facilitator’s Training) 21st – 26th October - Parin

The Dance of Embodiment establishes the Life Moves foundational tools to be able to occupy and inhabit our bodies more fully and consciously. It is experiential in its nature. From here we are available to offer support for others to also source embodiment from the ground of body tissues, cells and fluids. 

Our experience of the body is valued as our truth or perception as the learning is oriented on trusting our unique language of the body. In this way we are relearning about and through our own body, it’s movement, touch, sensing expression and silence rather than through cognitive information. It is a movement based meditation training where the felt sense is honoured and attention is given to validating and establishing languaging tools of perception, sensation, communication and authenticity.

The Dance of the Embryo – Embodying our Foundations of Movement -
26th – 30th December - Cologne

Awaken consciousness to our multidimensional views of perception as laid down in the first 8 weeks of the building of the foundations of the human form. Delight in rediscovering how the mystery of our innate intelligence created (and continues to create) our unique human bodies and nature.
We will explore the foundational map of the essential elements of the physical and psychosomatic resource patterns offered by the intelligence in our cells.
We experience through the body’s natural language of movement and stillness, understanding how we unfolded and how the development of being a community of cells that created our body today and continue to support our resilience in this present moment. It is an experiential rather than cognitive journey where we remember our natural ability to bond, to recover our innate intelligent qualities such as boundaries and transitioning, spatial awareness, ability to find support and containment and perceptual awareness of Earth and Space through the body’s language of sensation. In exploring the development of our form we can discover the primal roots of our structure, perception, respond-ability and presence.

Resourcing Through Movement – Natural Movement and Dance
(Module 2 of Life Moves Facilitator’s Training) 19th – 23rd April – Parin

Movement is our ground of all growth. We move to know ourselves and the world.  In this Module we will explore how we perceive ourselves through movement. We will be gathering resources from our underlying movement patterns. These new expressions, arising from authentic connection to our moving self, give space for creative, spiritual and interpersonal relationships to clarify and deepen our presence and our choices. Movement affects how we perceive and relate to ourselves, others and the environment. As we recover awareness of our moving bodies we move in ease and comfort in our own bodies. Supporting our ability to remain present, to find orientation and containment through perception and sensation, we call on the underlying support of our developmental movement patterns.
Due to the possibility of disruptions to these early forming patterns and them being incomplete, we maybe moving today unconsciously with unnecessary effort. Luckily we are able to re-pattern by consciously moving and completing the patterns.

Our first perception develops from the first sensory nerve to mylenate which is the nerve of the vestibular system. A structure relaying information about gravity and spatial orientation. Affecting tonality and respond-ability as well as a deep call to primary reflexes for keeping us safe and oriented. It is part of the early language of sensation. Movement is a primary sensation; through movement we know the surrounding world and through movement sensation the pathways of perceiving open up to us.




The Dance of Embodiment

Conscious Body, Embodied Meditation

Sun, 21. Oct. 2018, 17:00 - Fri, 26. Oct. 2018, 17:00, Gutshaus Parin Stellshagen , Please contact Navanita for bookings
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The Dance of Embodiment

Resourcing through Movement

Fri, 19. Apr. 2019, 10:00 - Tue, 23. Apr. 2019, 17:00, Gutshaus Parin Stellshagen , Please contact Navanita for bookings
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Origins of Movement

Dance of the Embryo

Sun, 20. Oct. 2019, 09:00 - Fri, 25. Oct. 2019, 17:00, Gutshaus Parin Stellshagen , Please contact Navanita for bookings
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Embodying Anatomy

Reclaim our intrinsic natural resources

Fri, 10. Apr. 2020, 10:00 - Tue, 14. Apr. 2020, 17:00, Gutshaus Parin Stellshagen , Please contact Navanita for bookings
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Sun, 25. Oct. 2020, 10:00 - Fri, 30. Oct. 2020, 17:00, Gutshaus Parin Stellshagen , Please contact Navanita for bookings
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Embodied Meditation; Embodied Communication

Fri, 02. Apr. 2021, 10:00 - Tue, 06. Apr. 2021, 17:00, Gutshaus Parin Stellshagen , Please contact Navanita for bookings
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Holding Presence

Polishing the Diamond - The Light of Being

Sun, 24. Oct. 2021, 10:00 - Fri, 29. Oct. 2021, 10:00, Gutshaus Parin Stellshagen , Please contact Navanita for bookings
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Experiential Seminars and Trainings

Navanita lädt dich in dieser Seminar-Serie ein, am Tanz des Lebens teilzunehmen um Kreativität, verkörperte Meditation, Mitgefühl und Freude in dein Leben zu bringen.

„Life Moves“ ist eine auf dem Körper basierende Reise. Sie unterstützt dich darin, deinen eigenen Körper mit seiner Weisheit, Heilkraft und inneren Freude kennenzulernen und seiner Sprache, seinen Bewegungen und seiner Intelligenz zu vertrauen.

Navanita: „Life Moves“ ist für alle, die beruflich mit Menschen arbeiten – pädagogisch, therapeutisch, medizinisch – sowie für Menschen, die einfach Freude an ihrem Körper und der Bewegung haben."
Du lernst, dein Nervensystem selbst zu regulieren, klare Grenzen zu entwickeln, dich authentisch auszudrücken sowie in deiner Kraft und im Moment zu sein - auch wenn es herausfordernd ist.
Durch das bewusste Wahrnehmen deiner körperlichen Empfindungen und deiner Gefühle lernst du deiner Wahrnehmung zu vertrauen und in Alltagssituationen angemessen zu reagieren.
Navanita kombiniert das für sie Wesentliche aus unterschiedlichen Ansätzen, die das Ankommen im eigenen Körper unterstützen: erfahrungsbezogene Anatomie, somatische Bewegung und Berührung, embryonale und frühkindliche Bewegungsmuster, natürlicher, kreativer und meditativer Tanz, Freude am Spiel, Sahaj-Yoga-Stretching und die heilende Kraft der Meditation.

Navanita: „Creativity expands your possibilities to meet yourself and others in a light and fun way.”

Life Moves ist eine Einladung, über das Körperbewusstsein zu dir selbst zu kommen. Unser Körper ist immer im Hier und Jetzt. Bewusstheit in der Bewegung ermöglicht es, dich mitten im praktischen Erleben tief im gegenwärtigen Moment im Körper zu verankern. In einem sicheren und gehaltenen Raum kannst du wieder neu lernen, für dich selbst zu sorgen.