Moving from the Source

Embodied Moving Meditation

Somatic Movement and Natural Dance

Natural dance

Navanita offers an approach of dancing in a natural way, tuning into the somatic fields of the body.

Movement and natural dance is experientially based to integrate and embody a spiritual and scientific approach moving from inside - involving the physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual layers of the body.
Giving you the tools to respond to life in a creative and embodied way.

Rediscovering Innocence

Remember and experience the natural intelligence of your body to renew and support feeling good. Establishing simple, healthy and creative ways to respond to change. Experiencing what can be practiced "now" to empower healthier movement patterns and moving in ease no matter what else is going on.

Integrating Cellular Consciousness

Embody consciousness through dance, somatic movement, touch, visualising, having fun, experiential anatomy, embryology, re-establishing a nonverbal language of perception, sensing, integrate cellular consciousness, meditation and being kind to ourselves.

Teaching internationally, please see where and how you might join in with a training, an , a class or have your very own session.

Movement is the way
cells play with life.
Trillions of cells dancing:
big cell-ebration.

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Events and Classes

Moving from Inside - Classes and Events

Classes and Events Morning, afternoon, evening classes and one day events. Paticipate in Divine Dancing Drunkards Meditation, a meditation which is a Baul's 'cell-bration'. Bauls are dancing mystics expressing their gratitude to 'the Beloved' through dance.

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Upcoming Seminars

Movement is Life - Seminars

Upcoming Seminars Navanita playfully facilitates moving in meditation as a support to be present within and without to life. Weaving together somatic approaches of movement and touch and drawing on skills from natural dance, embryology, experiential anatomy, fitness and sports education; with years of meditation and teaching.

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Training Dates

Natural Dance and Somatic Movement - Trainings

Training Dates A series of modules delivered over a longer time span, to engage deeply and thoroughly with the material and to journey with joy through your own process. You can participate in each module on its own, or as the whole training.

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Background Information

Bliss in the Body - Articles

Background Information Discover some background articles about Navanitas life journey and her ways of working and read how others explore and integrate this for themselves. See her teachings available on CD and DVD.

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About Navanita

Discovering Meditation in Movement

About Navanita Navanitas shaping of her work is formed out of her diligent studies, deep understanding and dedication to always evolving and integrating her own life experiences. Years of meditation practice, stillness, going well as always honouring the bodies moving wisdom, offer a framing for the work.

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First Move Then Understand

Discovering Meditation in Movement

The Opportunity to Engage in a Self-Directed Educational Journey

  • The subject on which we orient is specific to each class, experiential seminar or group
  • No mind painting

  • You will be guided, offered containment and playful companionship to deeply absorb yourself in your enquiry.
  • The pace and rhythm of discovery will be formed out of your individual and the collective needs.
  • The nature of our enquiry is through a myriad of somatic approaches, honouring the felt sense, the uniqueness of you and the celebration of the answers we seek, arising out of our remembering; remembering the body.
  • You can apply what you discover simply for your own self, or you can integrate the skills in your professional arena.
  • We play with finding language for our experiences, developing trust in an ability to access and find the resources that lie within the tissues of the self, emerge into relationship from a more integrated and balanced sense of the self and allowing healing to arise.
  • Any Body who has a Body is welcome to join.

Each training, seminar and class has an extensive description and you can see when and where they are dancing on the schedule.

"My secret is not far from my limit.
It is a light that the eye cannot perceive.
It is like the soul that no man sees.
Yet the soul is not hidden from the body
nor the body from the soul."