About Navanita

Navanitas shaping of her work is formed out of her diligent studies, deep understanding and dedication to always evolving and integrating her own life experiences. Years of meditation practice, stillness, going within... as well as always honouring the bodies moving wisdom, offer a framing for the work. As a child Navanita discovered meditation in movement running with the animals, sprinting on the athletic track, dancing in the bush. navanita

She became a professional as a Physical Education and Creative Dance Teacher and, Fitness Instructor as well as experiencing and training in various techniques of meditation, dance and the body as well as Talking to the Bodymind- guided inner dialoguing, Trauma-work and Embryology. The work is integrated through playfulness and humour and movement is the medicine.

The thorough study in Integrative Bodywork and Movement Therapy - which draws on the principles of Body-Mind Centering© - offers a way to see the Body Map. Tissue differentiation - from cell to all of self - is the territory we name as experiential anatomy. Together with the patterns of evolving, in-forming and developing, a common human form - which we have all shared in our individual journeys from single cells to upright walking adults - is explored.

With the mindfulness of how these terrains and our outer environments shape our personalities and stories, (what we can name as somatic psychology), Navanita offers you the tools and resources to let your body reveal the relevance of old scripts, to release held trauma and arrive again with an orientation in being the moment.

Through the personal life experience of recovering from an intense accident, Navanita discovered that no matter how much damage, desire for health is intrinsic to the human condition. She has a deep understanding of the wisdom of the body/mind and the healing power within. Scientists call it inherent health in the cells’, mystics call it life source, chi, prana, being, and Tibetans call it compassion.

Natural Dance, Somatic Movement, Embodiment -
Moving Innocently from Body to Nobody

Navanita creates an experiential journey of connecting with your inner healing power and Gui-Dance. Keys and tools are played with to support you living and trusting your own "realness" and dancing your own dance. About navanita

Life is the teacher. Dance is a Path of following the inner directions, signals and signposts home.

The body has a wisdom connected with the soul. The knowing from within is something much bigger than the mind knowledge. To trust it and follow the body we learn and practice how to listen to it.

Weaving together somatic approaches and drawing on skills from Integrative Bodywork and Movement Therapy, the teachings of embryology and Body-Mind Centering©, Experiential Anatomy, Fitness and sports education; with years of meditation and teaching, Navanita guides you through inner and outer environments, offering you a way to connect with the now and the unique celebration of you.