by Navanita

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I move to slow down and to catch up with myself.

As I am moved the invisible becomes visible.

I move to orientate, inhabit and locate my moving, sensing body in the
immediate surroundings.

It’s always new where I am and what I discover when touching and moving.

As I move, listen I am conscious of what lives and moves within me.

I move to know how life moves and what is present for me, flowing beneath
my everyday awareness.

I am moved and remember who I am

I move to recover what I have lost or forgotten and reconnect to my own
bodily language.

I am moved and remember a language for which I have no words.

I dance to know that which dances me and am a witness the dancer disappears
and the dance remains.

I move to express the flow, awareness and impulses of the dance of life

I am conscious of the dance of moving stillness.
I dance, awaken and play in the present moment.


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