by Navanita

Big happy

"Love your body and you will feel a relaxation such as you have never felt before. Love is relaxing. When there is love, there is relaxation. If you love someone - if, between you and him or you and here there is love - then with love comes the music of relaxation. Then relaxation is there.

The same phenomenon happens if you love your body; you become relaxed, you care about it. It is not wrong, it is not narcissitic to be in love with your own body. In fact it is the first step toward spirituality."


"Oh yes, that thing that transports my head around" - the body. A forgotten friend down there. A friend that actually speaks and listens. Most peoeple don't know how to listen because the major part of their attention is taken up by thinking. To remember its not just an object of the mind. To listen to it we connect with being present in the now. The body has an intrinsic wisdom and guidance which is connected to having a direct experience of ourself. The mind, body and soul are one and together they make a wholenes.

When we actually listen to the body it tells us what it needs rather than we dictate to it what we "think" it needs. To listen to it is an art of love. The body loves our attention and the cells are happy when the focus is on the body. To welcome it is supporting its sensitivity and aliveness. Learning new like a child - to have a relationship with the body. With respect, curiosity and TRUST. To listen to the body is to return to living in the body: It's as if we have been looking at our house or home from the outside and feeling separate from it as we have not been actually living in it. We have abandoned it.

Then we look for that love and connection outside of us that we have right here in the body. We've been aware of our body through labels or outer imposed images created by the opinions of others. Responsibility for ones own body has often been given away to others such as the medical profession who have been telling us what is needed rather than us listening to our inner voice. For eg I once asked someone what is his body saying and he replied "I am going to the doctor today. He will tell me ". Or the fitness industry has also categorized a stereotype body image and sees the body like a machine to push or remodel.

To return to being in the body or connecting with the inner body needs a new focus. Going in and seeing and hearing that we have an inner world is such a beautiful and easy way to feel safe inside where it may in the beginning feel unfamiliar. To sense, see, feel hear and come in contact with the inner we find direct doors through the body.

Understanding that "Anti-Body-Culture" has seperated us from something that is always here, now, with us. Guilt, shame, mistrust have been implanted consciously or unconsciously and create beliefes that it is not ok to enjoy our own body. To support listen ing then to we need to remember and shift the focus to "pleasure" and "comfort" as qualities or intrinsic resources within the body Imagine - instead of complaining and judging our bodies we thank them, enjoy them, give them a "pep" talk or speak to them lovingly: "good job".. or even possibly give ourselves a friendly hug. AHAH THIS feels good and the body hears it. This affects the cells in the whole body, affects the immune system. The body hears on a cellular level messages that we give it consciously or unconsciously.

What we think or believe about it, affects the body, It hears it. For example a judgement like "I am too big, small", "nobody loves me", "I have to work hard to get it", "life is not easy" are unhealthy messages that the cells hear. IT is leaking and disempowering the potential healing power from within. And it can create a seperation from lifeforce vitality. Often complaining or pushing are more familiar and habitual. We even adopt beliefs imposed about the body from the outside that become familiar and even seem to be ours and are yet destructive habits. They can become so well known and familiar they seem more safe to hold onto rather than responding to the new without control. To become acquanted with relating to the body in a new way is to learn a forgotten language. It is a love affair with yourself.

IT is so simple and powerful. Begin now becoming aware that in this moment you live in this body and you are already activating a nurturing welcome. Simply noticing how the body is positioned here now: "Is it comfortable?" and sensing how you can support it being comfortable. What does it need to be comfortable in this moment? Maybe it needs to take a conscious breath or simply change bodily positions. You are already listening to it. This can be a regular focus and you have a direct connection with your bodily self.

To become conscious of the body is to remember, rather than learn, natural intrinsic resources, such as inner strength, presence, wisdom and live-vibrancy. We all have them within the body. To listen to the body is to cosciously recognize them. We can access them through movement. IT makes sense. THE BODY IS MADE TO MOVE. Otherwise we would have inbuilt cushions attached to our bums so we could sit all day or wheels on our feet so we could move faster. Through movement we are listening to the body. Directly translated kinaesthetic means awareness of the body through movement through beauty of movement. We have nerve endings from the body to the brain called proprioceptors and these nerves supply messages to the brain so that we have a direct sense of ourselves. Proprioceptor translated from latin means self awareness. The body is always here and now so we have a direct possibility to listen to the body to experience ourselves in this moment.

There are always squeaks and squawks letting us know "hey I need movement" when we listen to the signals and take care of them the need that was calling us relaxes. When this happens it is easy to connect with the silence within to nourish the body.  Then it is a door to meditation. Tensions from the bodymind are released through activity and flowing life force happens in the body which is health and wellbeing. We learn to participate and be connected with our bodily self. Learning through the body how to love and care for ourself is a n experimental journey. To sense ourself through movement creates a wholeness and connection because what were once many separate parts are now a connected whole again. Many separate MEMBERS are RE-MEMBERED as one.

Through impulsive or natural movement we activate the autonomous nervous system. This is to move freely without control, listening to and allowing the body its spontaneous flow. Activating the reptilian brain which has an ancient body wisdom that is returning the body to a state of wholeness or health The nervous system unwinds itself from tensions that have been held and the life force can flow easily again. Rather than controlling movements we allow natural movements. We free the body and listen by allowing how it needs to move. New possibilities and ways of moving are opening up, aliveness recharges and vitalizes the system.

Playfulness is a very powerful resource. I have seen many times its vibrant power and aliveness activate new life. A beautiful example happened in one group, we had a businessman, who planned his life, rather than living the unknown beauty of life. He had come because his wife had sent him. Very slowly relaxation happened and his playfulness exploded one day during a healing dance. He had seen his gallbladder, which had been removed appearing and his gallbladder and liver danced together.

Joy bubbled over and he explained that he experienced a sense of wholeness when he saw them. From then on he became very playful and innocent. There was a sense of him being connected to himself and at the same time he reached out with his bliss and shared it. He was like a child full of wonder and gratitude for life. He even called his boss and told him that he was not coming to work because he was learning to listen not only to the organs in the body, also to the cells. The boss supported him and told him he could teach him when he came back to work.

Allowing impulsive and instinctual movements frees vitality and also supports EASE rather than being DISEASED. In this fast paced, active society we practice and remember being at EASE. Follow the body, listen to its simple GUI-DANCE: Staying connected and sensing ourselves as a whole. We return the focus to ourselves here and now in a body that normaly has to think and sit a lot. Noises are all around us and inside of us. The art of listening to the body is to create a quiet silent space that we can hear the inner voice. Maybe we need to cosciously let go of tensions in the body for eg. through shaking loose or consciously let go of tensions in the mind. E.g. through gibberish or letting go of tensions in the heart for e.g. through laughter. Finding out what the body needs through experimenting so that we connect with its inner voice.

The body is focused on life or on healing. The longing to be whole is what the regenerating force is from within. The body speaks and creates symptoms that are calling for attention to come "back home" to the inner, to be connected. What are often missunderstood or missinterpreted as illness are actually symptoms or signposts, giving messages to reconnect to ourself.

For example a headache when taken care of can reveal the need for a rest, a hug or a cup of tea served to you, rather than fighting it with a pill. Through the nourishment what it is calling for we have the space to reconnect with the inner essence. Illnesses are not something to get rid of, fix or evaluate they are rather the inner needs, being communicated to help us to "return home". All sickness is homesickness. Another way to listen to "ILL" is to understand it is "I Lack Love".

We can have fun using the clues and signals of the body as signposts to the inner healing. We are simply "Spiritual Healing Detectives" focused on the light and listening to the clues.
The body is speaking and we need to learn its unique language. Listening to what it needs is a mystery tour. It may speak in pictures, colours, sensations, feeling, sounds, smells, memories, dreams, impulsive movements... It will reveal itself. All we need is a clear focus and trust. To be available, passively receptive and listening.

For example: Once I asked the body, what was needed, what it revealed, was a picture of water sideways. Well, you can imagine, the mind could really analize this if it wanted. I didn't... I waited. And then the message came to go for a walk. Ok, so I did. I arrived on the lake, near by my house. It was a sunny autumn day and the lake was quiet. Than the body signaled to lay down on the pier, I was standing on. Of course I could than see water sideways. That was already touching. What happened next was magic. The sunlight came dancing along the water and seemed to caress me. I was filled with gratitude and a sense of being connected to the whole. This came through the guidance of my body, It is always surprising how the body speaks and directs you. The art is to listen and trust to its grace and wisdom. Innocent as a child and wise as an ancient mystic.

There are many possibilities of recognizing and connecting with it. Seeing the inner can begin with imagining the anatomy or looking at anatomy pictures so we become familiar with the world within. Then it helps us. We have in our pelvis or middle little bones called auricular bones. They are ear shaped bones connected to the sacrum. AHA, a definite clue that we are listening from the belly. In fact scientists have now prooved that we have a nervous system independent from the brain in the head. This 2nd brain is alive in the belly and relaying messages to us. We just need to listen to move and play with a focus on this belly or hara area activating awareness and yummy resources. Groundedness, relief, presence, lightness, space, a sense of well-being, OK-ness and coming back to the moment are some of the many qualities and resources participants have found. All attributes of being in the body.

It's easy to imagine these cute little bones are listening to the music as the music invites the rhythm to come from the hips and illiac crest base. To watch the smiles come onto the faces soon spreads to seeing the whole body smiling. Easy to plug into base and move from our instinctual center or from our 'guts' .

We also have an independent nervous sytem in the hands. Easy to experience when we start to listen and become aware of them through movement and through touch. Try it. Touch the surface close to you, close the eyes and listen. Suddenly you are connected to it rather that simply labelling it. You are living with it.

Then we have these amazing feet, they listen. Some animals such as the elephants communicate through stamping and listening through the legs and feet. They can speak to each other from miles away. We have this too. Only thing is we wear shoes and often walk on concrete which means we have lost contact with it. Easy to regain. So take off the shoes and sense through the feet. Listen to the different materials in the area around us by touching them with the feet and moving. Listen to the music with the feet. Move and through the movement the listening power is activated. Breath and you can hear the life force with your breath and you can hear the dancing rhythm of life dancing through us.

How I support beloveds return to the incredible friend is to share my trust and love of this journey. To create a safe space supporting the inner journey of discovering love is inside. There is no pressure to love the body as this creates an effort or idea that you do it. Loving the body is an unfolding journey. It happens through the connection with it as it is natural. Love is the stuff it is made of. It is an amazing instument and love is the life force that is dancing through it. In fact the body is the teacher or guide connecting us with it. We only need to practice and trust listening to it.

As one participant said: when I saw her dance into now and asked her how she had understood what I was teaching. "Its not what you say although the words help a lot. Its what you are communicating between the words. I don't get it with the head I get it with the body." Navanita teaches Natural Dance Meditation and Remembering the Forgotten Language of the Body, Body and Inner Body Awareness, Experiential Movement, connecting with the Nobody within the Body,  Sahaj Stretching and playfulness. All focused on experimenting and loving life as a dance. Of trusting the GuiDANCE that is dancing through this instrument or temple called a body.


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