by Navanita

Big cells

"Thirty spokes together make a wheel for a cart. It is the empty space in the centre of the wheel which enables it to be used Mold clay into a vessel. It is the emptiness within that creates the usefulness of the vessel cut out the doors and windows in a house.

It is the empty space inside that creates the usefulness of the house. Thus, what we have may be something substantial but its usefulness lies in the unoccupied empty space. The substance of the body is enlivened by maintaining the part of you that is unoccupied."


The Dance of Life originates from emptiness. Everything in our body is moved by it. A mysterious life source that dances in every cell .Movement is life and through movement we grow. Your first cell is still in the body, the imprint is still within.

The body/mind remembers it, we can access its intelligence directly. "Hmmmm... Which button do I press?” you might be wondering. Through movement you learnt to grow, so through movement you have a direct connection to that source and its innate intelligence. Sense the movement of that original cell, which is still hanging around inside your body. That original cell has passed onto and affects all the other billions of cells within the body with its inherint script: its message of life. As the cells move, pulse and rhythmically expand and contract, each contains an incredible wisdom which comes from emptiness, spaciousness.

It is not a barren emptiness, it is full of a life potency. From here the natural urge is to expand, reach out and a need to connect, to communicate in order to grow, express and create. When cells have enough expanding, the natural rhythm is to return to contraction where there is integration, absorbing and rest. This is a natural continual dance. The dance that curls in on itself from spaciousness gives equally as powerfull a momentum to reach out, connect and take shape. As the original cell danced its rhythm it danced itself into existence in the form of a body.

As something shudders alive and awakens, stillness creates a magnificent human dance. By becoming conscious of the cells, you can feel empowered and welcomed in your own body. Different to "trying" to welcome and love the body from your head Its the other way around. Through sensing the cells consciously you rediscover their language and they actually welcome you, being at home inside the skin of your own body.


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