Navanitas CD

Welcome to this somatic healing and movement meditation leading to health, relaxation and being at home in your body. It is for Anybody with Any Body. It is about making friends with your body through sensing, visualising, movement and consciousness.

Practicing with this CD supports:

* Your comfort and ease
* Feeling good, safe and at home in your body
* Access to your inner source of health
* Cellular consciousness
* Empowerment through establishing boundaries
* Self-regulation of your nervous system
* Embodied experience of wholeness
* Vitality and aliveness

Navanita Harris: Navanita’s near death experience in 1994 was a turning point in her work with people. Since then, she has discovered effective methods of sharing the healing experience which she has been through herself. This CD offers the essence of Navanita’s healing experience, i.e.: accessing the vitality of health in the cellular consciousness of your body.

We are bees,
And our body is a honeycomb.
We made the body,
Cell by Cell, we made it.

Music composed and played by Parijat -
Cover picture by Bholi Hwang (

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"This CD has a direct experiential connection with your Cellular Consciousness. An experiential understanding through participation of the CD is reflected through the following participants sharing"


"Mom, you could'nt have given me a better gift than this. i have been doing this on my own off and on using AL GROMER KHAN'S 'MONSOON POINT' but now i have you guide me in an organised manner. i see my self in a cellar with candle light for maximum impact and total freedom to the body to express and heal itself. End of the meditation THERE WAS A STRONG RUSH OF ENERGY THROUGH THE THIRD EYE. THAT IS THE KIND OF ENERGY THIS HEALING MEDITATION RELEASES. mom this is a truly a gift to all those people who want to heal themself. I BOW DOWN TO YOU IN GRATITUDE.

hi, beloved,let me give you some more feedback about the CD. I find this cd a gift to humanity and should be treated as alternative medicine. It should be part of every hospital, and specially where all medicines have failed.I have done this meditation for one month and still doing every morning and feel so healthy& happy in my body. The contraction part my body doesnt like and does the movement during that period, this way the body gets more time to relax after the movement , specially the head, face & neck where the body has lots of tension."

Dilip from India, February 2013

"Held by your voice, I sink to the earth....I listen to the murmurs coming from its core, I sense the air on my skin, your voice is gravity, I am held on this earth by gravity, my cells awaken, I am cells, I am a single cell breathing, I am the beginning of time, I am grateful for the space of this meditation, of this creation, of time and place .... of being.....held by her voice, your voice and the silences in between. thankyou x."

Issy, England 2011

"It's a feeling of having clearer boundaries, of being safe and protected. Then I know where my space ends and where the other is. This makes it easier for me to meet the other."

Utsav, Germany 2010

"For me the Pose of the Cell position is very good for slipping inside and coming down to earth. I feel more whole and the breath reaches everywhere. When I do it after a stressy situation I feel relaxed and well rested."

Bhavya, Germany 2010