Individual Sessions




Based on an understanding that what you need for Health ,Well-Being and Growth is already within you .Gently "coming home" into the body ,oriented on safety,comfort and health , being kind to yourself and trusting your innate wisdom . An embodied and integrated approach to movement,touch,repatterning,experiential anatomy,embryological and infant movement development principles and perceptions affecting body,mind,emotions and spirit.

Movement and Touch
Touch and movement are direct pathways of communication.There is a deep synchronicity between them, that when integrated,supports a repatterning of habitual ways of moving. Passive bodywork and a more active sensitively guided movement supports re-education to healthier patterns that can be clearly established and integrated in the bodymind system.

Embodied Anatomy
By consciously experiencing the anatomical systems,tissues and cells within the body you re-inhabit their resources and qualities and integrate their inner support , strengths and wisdom.

Remembering the Forgotten Language of the Body
The body has its unique way of communicating with you .Together we will explore what its language is . Discovering that there are signs and signals that are continuously directing you towards health.

A loving conscious touch to support you feeling at home and comfortable in your body . A combination of elements of Ayurvedic Yoga Massage ,Thai., Joint Release. and Holistic massage responding to the individual needs.

Embryological and Infant Movement
Discover the early roots of our structure ,perception, respondablity and presence Through conscious movement and touch we are able affect our habitual ways of relating to ourselves and others , rebuild new movement pathways, make conscious choice,create new possibilities based on feeling safe and reestablishing health oriented resources.

Natural Dance
Dance can be used to clarify,communicate and understand external and internal issues through sensing,visualizing and expression. Bringing awareness to how you sense ,perceive and respond to life . Exploring dance coming from within . Experiential anatomy, which is exploration of the body systems-fluids,tissues, organs,etc-,reestablishes innate resources

Discover how much having fun and playfulness affect the whole of you ..body,mind,spirit and "happy cells" It is scientifically prooved how the relationship to the body affects our mind ,body ,emotions and health.


My belief is in the blood and flesh as being wiser than the intellect. The body-unconscious is where life bubbles up in us. it is how we know that we are alive,alive to the depths of our souls and in touch somewhere with the vivid reaches of the cosmos.
D.H Lawrence