Interview Navanita

My Body,My Friend - Embodied Meditation

Influence in Profession of Teaching

Navanita has been on a explorative journey of Meditation and the Body ,Somatic Movement , Dance and Healing her whole life.

A near death experience has influenced her own embodiment and weaves through her profession as a teacher of embodiment, movement, dance and Meditation.Through her child hood Navanita discovered meditation through Dancing in Nature and running on ths sprinting track Later in life a near death experience anchored and reconnected her to a place of space which was free of the body .This became an essential ingredient to healing.

Navanita softened into innocence and her meditation and playfulness assisted her in recovering her movement and Dancing in life, after doctors had told her she may never walk again .She travels the globe teaching others to reconnect with their joy to live and love ,remember the wonder of their bodies and awaken to the life source within. An essential understanding about healing is that it is a natural connection to something bigger than the body. Whilst words can't describe it, it is a place of presence and timelessness and infinite space. When consciously embodied, the dance of life is a place of innocent joy.