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Movement is Life



"To stop your mind does not mean to stop the activities of the mind.
It means your mind pervades your whole body."
Shunryu Suzuki, Zen


Life Moves

Life Moves is designed as a movement and embodied meditation sequential journey. Each part can also be individually joined and is complete in itself. Learning is experiential.

Navanita invites us to join the dance of life bringing creativity, meditation, compassion and joy into our daily lives.

LIFE MOVES is a bodily experiential journey designed to support getting to know your own body, its language, movement vocabulary and trust the intelligence and joy within.

The Moves are for everyone. For professionals working with people in any field: educational, therapeutic, medical, body workers, movement practice teachers, carers and for your own joy.

Build clarity of boundaries, learn to self regulate your nervous system, express yourself with authenticity, be in your empowerment, able to be creative with the moment even when its challenging, by being able to feel your own bodily sensations and to trust your own perception and feelings you are able to trust how you perceive another and respond to situations in daily life. Creativity expands your possibilities to meet yourself and others in a light and fun way.

Discover the body’s wisdom and healing power. Rediscover the body and its innate resources; expand your embodied vocabulary and movement possibilities. Creativity is enhanced when we learn to play, sense, dare to be loose and natural, dance and move spontaneously. By this we become attentive to the moment, perceptive to ourselves and to the environment around us. This is living presence.

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December, 2020

The Dance of the Embryo

- Foundations of Movement

Date: Sun, 27. Dec. 2020, 11:00 - 28. Dec. 2020, 17:00

Long Version: Sun, 27. Dec. 2020, 11:00 - 30. Dec. 2020, 16:30

Location: Osho Uta Institute Cologne / Köln
Fon: +49 221 574070,

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July, 2021

Resourcing Through Movement

Date: Fri, 09. Jul. 2021, 20:00 - 11. May. 2021, 17:00

Location: Osho Uta Institute Cologne / Köln
Fon: +49 221 574070,

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