Seminar Details

Home in my Body, Home on the Earth

Embodying Nature

Start: 26. Jul. 2019, 20:30 - 28. Jul. 2019, 17:00

Osho Uta Institute, Cologne / Köln

We have two precious homes - the Body we live in and our greater home the Earth. We will reconnect and remember that we are part of a living creative universe complete just as we are. We will dance, be silent and play with the inherent intelligence of our moving bodies. Experiential perception of our bodies innate elements and qualities reflect the mystery of nature. Reconnect with outer nature and our inner nature using the language of sensation to recover the resources of our moving body.

By befriending our body we open to its inner communication. As we move, sense, express and dialogue from our moving body we recognise our interdependency with earth. We will open to our senses of touch, seeing, having, smelling, tasting and our 6th sense of movement as a language of sensation. We explore through the map of embodied anatomy, somatic movement, touch, dance meditation and the playful instinct of our childlike nature.

Embodied Meditation restores our ability to silently witness, create space and cultivate an ability to remain present in our bodies.

In a safe field we create a grounded space for recovering our felt sense of security in our bodies and on our greater body, the Earth. Body is part of the earth—inseparable.

Slowing down from clock time we restore the rhythm of movement and stillness. Day and night, seasons, ocean and waves ... rhythms upon rhythms reflected all through nature. In our bodies is the obvious rhythm of the breath, heartbeat, nervous system, craniosacral rhythm and so on to support recovering balance of vibrant aliveness and inner silence.

We can enter our bodies through the dance and rhythm of our breath. Breath is the primary mover of the body, and movement is the breath made visible. Spaciousness dancing life inside and outside.

In our bodies flows the water of life. Water is the major component of the planet, as well our own body is mostly water .Water connects the whole .The fluid presence in our bodies, beginning with the first cell, nourishing in the mysterious deep, quietly undulating, circulating, connects us to the spirit moving through our cells and in every part of us.

The minerals in our bones are mostly made up of the same minerals in the earth. Our skeleton is a foundation within the body that is aligned with
earth and sky. Just as the trees are growing roots into the earth and this nourishment strengthens their ability to reach above into space, as we deepen our roots into the body we are able to find our support from this foundation to reach higher, move into the space around us, lighten up and touch the spaciousness of our beings.

As we generate fluidity and spaciousness that slows down time, our habitual ways of moving are softened and we can open our ability to sense and respond more internally and externally. We establish our natural capacity and self regulation in order to remain present in our resilient human being-ness in these challenging times we are living in.

This is an experiential playground to recover the intelligence and innocence of our moving bodies ,have fun being present in the moment, awaken and inspire raising consciousness and to have the courage to listen to the wisdom of the earth that is alive in us.

As we care for and embody ourselves we reclaim and embody our essential nature.



„Begin the feeling of wonder with your own body, because that is closest to you… The closest nature has approached you, the closest existence has come to you, is through the body. In your body is the water of the oceans, in your body is the fire of the stars and suns, in your body is the air, your body is made of earth. Your body represents the whole of existence, all the elements.“ Osho