Seminar Details

Happy Cells - Movement in Presence

Start: 27. Dec. 2019, 10:00 - 28. Dec. 2019, 17:00
Long Version: 27. Dec. 2019, 10:00 - 30. Dec. 2019, 17:00

Osho Uta Institute, Cologne / Köln

Big happy cells

Cells are intelligent, have a natural health orientation and are life creative, after all we have created and danced alive a whole body from one original cell. In this group we will enjoy to get to know and remember our wise bodies through the language of movement, touch and stillness and remember it as your best friend.

As we slow down, move, dance, sense, express, dialogue and meditate we are able perceive and embody the resourceful qualities of our cells. Recovering their presence and life source underlying our movement. We will explore the foundational map of the essential elements of the physical and psychosomatic resource patterns offered by the intelligence in our cells. The uniqueness in this work is that it is experiential rather than cognitive as we discover. Trust and validate the language of our moving body informing us of our innate qualities including boundaries and transitioning, spatial awareness, ability to find support and containment as well as perceptual awareness of Earth and Space, health potency, creativity and potent silence. This cellular consciousness affects how we move in life, perceive ourselves, others, the environment and our relationships.

Rekindle the joy to move and delight in the support of the dancing cells that move the body from within.

From the outer the environment in which we move, our cells have been programmed (epigenetics). Some are creative programmes and same may have been unconscious unhealthy patterns. As we reconnect with our cellular consciousness and our innate resources we are able to recognise new possibilities, creative choices and alternatives to replace out-dated dis-eased behavioural programmes with ease, comfort and health.
Consciously embody our trillions of living dancing cells and reconnect with the dance of life, love and silence. Embodied meditation is the path.


A miracle is happening in every moment. And each cell functions so systematically, in such an orderly way, with such an inner discipline, that it seems almost not possible: millions of cell: Seventy million souls, each cell has its own soul: the function is such coherence, in such rhythm and harmony. The same cells become the eyes, and the same become the skin, and
the same cells become your liver and your heart and your bone marrow and your mind and your brain. And how they move, and how subtly and silently they work in your body, God is manifested. You have to go within wards .You have not acquainted yourself with your own temple. Don’t look for God in the sky. Look within your own body. You will become aware of the whole mystery of life„