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Embodying Anatomy -Moving from Wholeness


Start: 25. Oct. 2020, 17:00 - 30. Oct. 2020, 17:00

BioGutshaus Parin - Ostsee , Please contact Navanita for bookings

Big lungheard

An experiential journey of our moving bodies anatomical map/terrain.  Our body is a whole organism of moving parts with different structures, shapes and functions. As we listen, move, touch, trust, express and sense the body consciously every cell is enlivened. Communities of cells organise into tissues which make up different body systems that support each other in order to maintain a smooth running organism called the body. All of these cells are working together for the greater good and health of the whole body.

Each community of cells we name as body systems has a particular consciousness or quality. When we overuse one community such as the muscles and nervous system as we tend to do in our fast paced life styles, these systems can become exhausted or even stressed. The consciousness or information from the body is like a radio and when it is stressed it becomes out of tune or off rhythm. To help tune our instrument, the body, we will be discovering how we can access and recover a variety of anatomical structures to resource and support our movement in life. As we expand our possibilities of movement range, both physically and psychosomatically, we move into a new perception of the dimensionality of our bodies.

Although we often think of dance and other movement as being muscle based, each body community plays an important role in the support and articulation of our body. 

We gain awareness of the deeper layers of organization in the body tissues through touch and movement. The learning process takes place in the mind and in the body and the experience is integrated at the cellular level of being and consciousness. This is love.


You are wind
We are dust blown up into shapes
You are spirit
We are the opening and closing of our hands