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Embodied Meditation and Communication - Embodiment for Facilitators


Start: 24. Oct. 2021, 17:00 - 29. Oct. 2021, 17:00

BioGutshaus Parin - Ostsee , Please contact Navanita for bookings

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An embodied facilitation and meditation training.  You will be supported and guided in creating your own embodied facilitator tools to share and communicate. The orientation is to encourage and reflect your unique abilities and qualities. You learn to take care of your own connection to your body while supporting others to be embodied.

It´s a downunder approach, we allow the body to inform us through its language of sensation, rather than the head attempting to track the body. We will be practicing remaining embodied. We will play with finding language for our experiences, welcoming and developing trust in an ability to access and find resources within the living tissues of our bodies.

Cultivating our meditation we practice anchoring in our quiet spaciousness within. Our embodiment offers us a language of consciousness that assists meditation.

As we find our own way to share, language and teach the orientation is to remain curious to this moment. Remaining embodied, present and alert to the environment, group, individuals and the material. It’s a meditation.


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