Seminar Details

Comfortable in our own skin

Start: 17. Jul. 2020, 20:30 - 19. Jul. 2020, 17:00

Osho Uta Institute, Cologne / Köln

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Being touched by the world, and touching the world, our skin receives the outer environment and informs the inner living body. Being moved and moving in the world, skin mediates.

Through skin we are able to define, be clear, land in location and offer differentiation between you and other. Skin streams with information and the innate ability to choose. A semi-permeable membrane, deeply interconnected with the nervous system, skin informs us about the world around us, and supports expression and maintaining of inner life.

Themes of connection, release, flexibility, reaching, receiving and choice making reside at the level of skin. Reawakening our sensuality, the ability to sense, feel and move with all the textures and terrains skin enlivens us to, we encounter a chance to also simply be with and rest in skin, We revisit, with consciously supported experiential anatomical information, all that is possible as an act of communication through skin.

Impulses, desire to move towards or away, autonomy in timing and celebrating of how we are nurtured by touch, in turn, informs our capacity for expression in movement. Movement supported by the intelligence of the skin reaffirms our inner dimensions, the continuum of belonging and the clarity of our own containment. Flexibility, inhabiting dimensions,
re-friending gravity and clarifying location, orienting to the present moment through an awareness of skin, brings alive the relational field.

Joy, stillness, a sense of integrated empowerment and the resources for acceptance in all emergent states are potentially available. We can engage in recovering our awareness of the life source and spiritual being-nature within, we can allow a nurtured sense of being. Moving with skin and an authenticity of a deep listening, we trust and remember embodied presence, we are at home in our own skin.



“Moved by and moving that which moves me.
Present to not knowing what is unfolding.
Witnessing this arriving."