Seminar Details

The Dance of the Embryo

- Foundations of Movement

Start: 27. Dec. 2020, 11:00 - 28. Dec. 2020, 17:00
Long Version: 27. Dec. 2020, 11:00 - 30. Dec. 2020, 16:30

Osho Uta Institute, Cologne / Köln

Big origins move2

Our life as we exist today in this body, began from the creative dance of
cells, the union of two distinct cells, chosen in a moment within the
living environment. Witnessing our present living body engaging in
movement, intentional touch and a tracing of the origins and patterns of
our early movement from pre-conception and following anatomical
landmarks; we can consciously perceive and understand our unfolding being
from a place of space.

Through dancing with our embryological process, we invite the possibility
of knowing more about the inherent, natural, mystery… making the invisible
visible. Through this we can reconnect with the primal roots of our
structure, perception, responsiveness and presence. This may act as a
support to recover and engage with our life potential today.

By moving consciously with this embryological journey we are re-informed
through our movement. The movement itself becomes the messenger where we
reconnect with our resourceful and innate qualities. We experientially
understand this place of presence by moving. In moving our wholeness is
always present, available and as in the embryo, in a state of unfolding.
Exploring our embryological foundations of movement, we can allow
imagination, movement, sensing and expression to support both our being in
the world and our awareness of embodied presence.



“Shape clay into a vessel, it is the space within that makes it useful”
Lao Tze