Make friends with the body and empower your health. Somatic movement,Dance meditation and play.

"You knock at the door of Reality. You shake your thought-wings,loosen your shoulders and open."

A friendly caring attending to the body helps it to recover its natural
language ,capacity to restore health,alignment,centring,balance,ease of movement and well-being..
Body is Home and the medium through which we experientially learn about ourselves and the world. To remember it as a friend is to thank it . We will give the body space to move and dance how it wants.Learn the art of listening and taking care of it .Like a flower, it unfolds the treasure of its wisdom .

Listen,move and trust the body in this moment through somatic movement,dance,touch,playfulness and in stillness

Guided by play and humour, discover the simple practice of staying connected to the body, move in meditation and return to "nowness". Through occupying the body consciously every cell in the body is enlivened .This natural health potency strengthens the immune system.It is proven scientifically that when we play and have fun ,feel good chemicals are secreted which strengthen the immune system .

Renew grounding and find immediate self care through creatively exploring,inhabiting and enjoy being at home in the body.

Resourcing and dancing with a multitude of somatic approaches,we explore trusting and allowing the natural movements of the body while discovering experiential anatomy .Find movement and connectedness in the  anatomical landscape within .The play of organs ,the stability of bones,the containment of skin.As we discover the body experientially rather than cognitively, it lights up, feels seen and is happy.

Moving consciously supports learning to perceive, and utilise the intelligent language of the moving body. We will have fun dancing practical ways of being present and getting out of the way of the habitual thinking that we need to "do" something to the body to heal or fix it.

Re-establish trust in its instincts,wisdom and natural ability to heal and take care of itself. Enjoy, observe and discover it like an unknown terrain to explore,play,investigate and get to know its unique healing language as you take care of it as your best friend.
After all, it's always here.

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