Love to Move, Move to Love


"The place where your foot touches
the ground has everything to do
with where and how you move."

Re-discover delight in your own moving body and creative expression through somatic movement and your natural dance. As we move,dance ,touch,breath and rest we get to connect to and know ourselves and the environment in which we move . Our most immediate language of perception is Move-ment. We first need to move ,then the body gives feedback and  it has meaning.
Discover the language of your body to find orientation,grounding,alignment,ease of movement and the ability to feel and listen to yourself in this moment.

While relating, trust yourself to respond spontaneously in life rather then moving out of habitual ways of behaving. It has been proven that most bodies have had 90 per cent of authentic movement stifled. That in fact we control our own movement responses due to a social behaviour code ( often unconscious) and how we have been made sit in our informative educational years where the young  growing bodies were made to be still sitting at desks. The good news is this can be repatterened and we can open to new movement possibilities in a safe and fun way. Dance offers new pathways to explore and enjoy expanding a creative movement vocabulary.
Find trust as you explore ways of moving in a safe environment within the group space.

A delicious discovery of  how experiential anatomy offers moving with support from inside the body .Containment of skin,stability of bones, vitality of organs.. all best felt through movement.

Rediscover the body and the stillness within that is not enforced onto the body. It is best experienced through freedom of movement and witnessing sensation in the body. Moving deeper into the body, we find stillness,joy and at homeness inside.

 Love to move, listen, trust and notice how your body, its movement and language is communicating to support alignment with your own love of truth and wisdom.


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