Mobilizing your Health, Well-Being, Creativity and Silence.

Movement is the way 
cells play with life.
 Trillions of cells dancing:

Big cell-ebration.

Cells are the magic creative source of life. Enjoy mobilizing their natural health potency, playfulness and your bodily intelligence.
In the group room Navanita supports a fun and light hearted group room space. You are able to experience and understand that you already have what is needed for your own healing and growth within. 75-100 trillion cells make up and dance one body. The consciousness of each cell is oriented on the health and well being for the good of all cells.The profound wisdom of the cells offer a template and reflection to support our perception of ourselves physically, emotionally, mentally, psychologically and spiritually.
All body systems are communities of cells maintaining their individuality and at the same time, work for the good and interconnectedness of the whole body. Whatever we do on a physical level affects our body, mind, heart and soul. What we think and feel affects our health. The cells have natural inbuilt health potency and our conscious orientation on this “happy cells” potential supports our natural state of well-being.
Explore how humour and compassion actually release “feel-good“ chemicals affecting our health and immune system. Scientific proof is that when you are happy your cells secrete a potency that strengthens your health, well-being and creativity.
Each cell knows what they need for nourishment and they know what they need to let go of that which is not needed anymore. Through their non-cognitive language a resourceful and wise body guides us in daily life. Clarity of orientation, knowing where you are, where the other is, how we perceive ourselves and environment.
Integrate cellular consciousness through dance, somatic movement, touch, having fun, embodying experiential anatomy, movement patterns, embryology, re-establishing a nonverbal language of perception, sensing, meditation and being kind to ourselves.

Cells are a place of spaciousness and consciousness. Moving deeper into the body, you move deeper into silence on a cellular level.

Benefits from Happy Dancing Cells

1. Delight in your moving body: You can rediscover your body in an innocent and kind way. Rekindle the joy to move. Explore and expand a language of movement coming from inside the body and your cellular consciousness. Move with the  supportfor  your expression, creativity, sensuality and perception.

2. Inspiration: The embodiment map navigates through the cells and .The essential is your own actual experience.

3. Meditate: Discover how easy it is to meditate.

4. Educate: Re-educate your self to be able to connect, listen, trust and take care of your own body. Being connected to the body in a playful and deep way empowers your ability to ground, self regulate, center, balance.

By moving deep into our cellular consciousness we connect with potency, fill up from the life source and move in life with the power of our cells. We are able to connect any moment and awaken to their feel good and happy essence, which is love.

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