Movement Retreat 2015

Slow down, Self-Care, Recharge, Awaken and Embodiment Training

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"It is emptiness which animates the cells and which sends signals
 throughout the body to the billions and trillions of cells in the body
 which activates thoughts, movement of the limbs, the senses, the
 mind, etc.
This is creation. In the beginning there is emptiness. Emptiness
 animates the cells, and the cells then make the intellect and the mind
Then once there is mind, the body, the senses and the objects they see
 arise. All perceptions are registered via the cells. Some higher force, some force which is subtler than the cells is consciousness of what is 
happening to the cells. It is aware."


Watch, witnessing, seeing and being seen establishes a baseline of orientation. Our practice of witnessing perception and sensation will strengthen our ability to remain present to our somatic movement and touch, conscious dance and embodied meditation.

 Be amongst a moving tribe who already have established trust and use a 
language of perception with an embodied meditation practice. May also be
 inspiring for those who need to remember and re-establish 
orientation, languaging, perception, movement, stillness, trust and having fun.

 Slowing down to catch up with ourselves we can orient on the moment, by 
bringing consciousness to the body. Allowing its language to unfold and come to us through the art of listening, movement and touch, visualizing and being in it. "Zooming in". In this sensitivity of moving in and from the body we are moving with its silence and spaciousness. Space dissolves our defences and we are awakened to being natural and authentic.

Support yourself and others by bringing practical inquiries from the work we have been exploring which you want to be supported with and experientially explore. Simply for the joy and luxury of being in the body and sharing presence. Our movement vocabulary, experiential anatomy, sensations in the body and to open to what is needed in this moment. The needs of the individual and group will be addressed - responding and
 moving with the moment.

 Mornings will be a somatic moving and conscious dancing and embodied 
meditation exploration.

 Afternoons are available for supervision, communicating and teaching tools, inquiries of area you wish to deepen your exploration. Please let Navanita know prior to the retreat when you already have ideas you would like to explore.

 Fall in love with the life source that dances in you and in all beings.

 Move and be moved - Expand our movement vocabulary - sensations, movement patterns and movement development, embryological dancing, anatomical-
flow, shapes, functions, locations and relationships. Touch and be touched by our essence of innocence.

 Origins of movement - again and again remembering how the cells grew through movement and this information is still present. By embodying we re-establish the underlying support of the intelligence of the cellular consciousness that is what moves us.

Global Body - Meet ourselves and environment…The communication tools that embodied anatomy offers - explore the heart in relationship, be embraced by the skin and the boundary of choice of orientation inside and outside, the stability of the bones, communicating from the fluids and endocrine system, the action form muscles, the flexibility of fascia, balancing through the nervous system emotions of the organs, communication from the vocal chords and the joyful and spontaneous moving system - the vestibular and the whole body that supports clarity of movement. Sensation is the language of the body. Tools to practice let go, strengthen, be creative, fun, insightful, responding. Remaining present, open and vulnerable. Finding ways to meet and understand our needs and the needs of our relationships, the community and environment.

Breath is Spirit - Somatic anatomy of our breathing environment. Embody
 the grace of life through experiential anatomy and conscious breathing. Breathing is the link between conscious and unconscious patterns so by freeing the breath we create more space in the body and allow for my oxygenated living. This can improve overall health by calming the nervous system, increasing circulation and flow and nourishing and vitalizing the cells.

 Being Held - Experientially embody our anatomy and mobilize our innate resources. Let the body come to you. Slow down and offer the body time and space to establish and deepen moving from the multi-dimensionality and intelligence of the precious body you live in and life source that dances through it… connecting you inside and outside.

 Transitions - Prepare, practice and experience how embodiment supports moving through transitions, changes, let go, not knowing, unfolding, being. 

Always new in this Moment – Curiosity - The Body Speaks - Trusting our embodied perception and the resources that hold us from within. Trusting that what we may feel and sense may be different to what our mind wants to hold onto as an image or idea of how we should or shouldn't behave. Usually according to beliefs, habits, systems that come from patterns of behavior. Anchoring in our bodily sensations, moving and communicating from our embodiment and truth. Approaching the moment new and present.

 Resourcefulness of Playfulness - Take the offer: A way to integrate, understand, express, find creativity. Experiment with situations that could catch us being identified with and holding onto the illusion of being right or wrong. Recover the playfulness of letting go of our identifications - while taking ourselves respectfully and sincerely, we don't need to take ourselves seriously. 

Embodied Meditation -The Dance of Spirituality and Embodied Meditation - Spaciousness, Emptiness, Essence. Simple, Silence, Being Natural…

Healing in its very nature. Inspiring. Educative. Fun.

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