Embodying Anatomy

Returning to Innocence

Big embracing the moment

As we move deeper into the body we move deeper into our natural state of being. Wise as an ancient mystic and innocent as a child.

Embodied Anatomy and what you can  get 

Embodied  Anatomy is a deep, internal journey of the body which goes beyond intellectual approach. Movement is explored through the direct experience of our own body systems, tissues and cells. The learning process takes place in the mind and in the body itself and the experience is integrated at the cellular level.

Through clarity of awareness and letting that awareness inform our movement , our movement supports and integrates embodied understanding

The Principles of embodied anatomy can be applied to any type of movement, bodywork, therapy or other body-mind disciplines. This includes dancers, movers, yoga practitioners, body workers, occupational therapists, psychotherapists, educators, others and for personal growth and fun.

My Body is my Friend - Celebrate the body and recover presence...

Listen, move and trust the body in this moment through experiential anatomy, somatic movement, conscious dance, touch, playfulness, stillness and the important art of witnessing.

Guided by play and humour, discover the simple practice of staying connected to the body, move in meditation and return to "nowness". Through occupying the body consciously every cell in the body is enlivened.

Resourcing and dancing with a multitude of somatic approaches, we mobilise our curiosity and discover experiential anatomy. Find movement and connectedness in the anatomical landscape within. The play of organs, the stability of bones, the containment and boundary of skin. As we discover the body experientially it lights up, feels seen and vibrates in happiness . We validate our experience as the truth. Its a downunder approach, we allow the body to inform us which is different to the head attempting to track the body and make the map the goal of the journey. Attending to sensation in the body anchors us in this moment and supports empowering our trust in our own unique perception.

A friendly caring attending to the body helps it to recover its natural
 language, capacity to restore health, alignment, centring, ease of movement and well-being.
Body is Home and the medium through which we experientially learn about ourselves and the world. To remember it as a friend is to thank and welcome it. Learn the art of listening and taking care of it. 

 We will give the body space to move, dance and allow the natural movements and recover the resources from the intelligence of our embodied anatomy and the unique qualities and expressions in our body systems, fluids and cells .

Moving consciously supports learning to perceive, and utilize the intelligent language of the moving body. We will have fun dancing practical ways of being present and getting out of the way of the habitual thinking that we need to "do" something to the body to heal or fix it.

Renew grounding and find immediate self care through creatively exploring, inhabiting and enjoying being at home in the body. Watch it unfold the treasure of its innocence, natural intelligence and embodied nowness.

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