The Dancing Witness

Being Seen, Being Moved

"Just Remain in the center, watching. And then forget that you are there”. Lao Tzu

This group will explore our relationship to the inner witness as we strengthen and find it through dancing. We will immerse in somatic practices to anchor our presence, supporting the healing of the integrated self, for maintaining it’s sense of wholeness and connection, rather than merging, disassociating or losing our truth.

Where and how we place our attention affects what we perceive. Seeing and being seen establishes a baseline of orientation and perception.  Out of movement, our intrinsic as well as learnt way to be in the world, we can play and revisit how impressions of the world around us arrive, and what choices, guided by sensation, emotion, the images and stories of the world around us, we can dare to offer ourselves anew. We can orient and be embodied in this moment and be alive, present and increasingly resilient.

Dancing in the present mobilises our sensory awareness and encourages us to remain in the embodied moving experience. The witness invites us to bring less thinking, suspend judgement, notice projecting or acknowledge when we are interpreting. The dance allows us to remain in the moment, thus developing consciousness deeply sourced from our bodily knowing.

Somatic Movement and Touch, Conscious Dance, Experiential Anatomy, Embryonic and Infant Developmental Movement ,Playfulness,  Embodied Meditation.

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