Happy Cells

Movement is the way cells play with life. Trillions of cells dancing: big cell-ebration.

Cells are the magic creative source of life. Enjoy mobilising their natural health potency, playfulness and overall bodily intelligence. 

The cells innate resources are their health potency and consciousness enhances their natural state of well being.  Whatever we do on a physical level affects our body, mind, heart and soul. Each cell is an individual knowing what they need for nourishment, care and support and at the same time each cell is oriented on the good of the community of all cells.  The consciousness of cells contain clarity of orientation, knowing where you are, where the other is, offering a sense of being held and contained and of having a clear boundary. This affects how we perceive ourselves, others, the environment and our relationships.

Explore how humour and compassion actually release “feel-good“ chemicals affecting our health and immune system. Scientific proof is that when we are happy our cells secrete a potency that strengthens our health, well being and creativity. 

By moving deep into our cellular consciousness we fill up from the life source and move in life with the support from the power and innate wisdom of our cells. We will recover our embodied meditation practice of witnessing. We are able to connect to our community of dancing cells any moment and awaken to their happy essence, which is love.

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