Embodying Emptiness Meditation

" Bonding with gravity underlies all movement "

In this meditation we explore consciously sinking into some depth of being where we are connected with everything, our wholeness. A nourishing place of being in our inner space, able to fill up again and again strengthened and move from this connected home base. Play with being able to sense our bodies and to have the tools on hand to be able to settle back into ourselves, our bodies and recover a safe place of space inside . While we are moving in life in an often outer focused environment where situations are sometimes challenging and may even seem overwhelming, we need to know how to rest in ourselves . To rest consciously is different form resting from exhaustion. Enjoy recovering the deliciousness of REST ( Recovery from External Stimulation Time). Being conscious of our embodied presence gives us an orientation and clarity of where we are in this moment . Rest is a human need. It's a space for integrating and digesting input, for simply being, a time to re-establish aliveness, revitalise, energise, recover our source of healing power and connect to our creativity . Conscious Resting Meditation - Conscious gentle movement, shaking, plopping in, body scanning, settling, expanding inside, waiting and being. Awakening from this home bound inner space connection, we are embodied alive earthlings prepared to play, respond, move, dance and be natural. Love and Giggle.

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