Move 1 The Body Speaks

Remember the natural Intelligence of your Body

Body is our Home and the medium through which we experientially learn about ourselves, others and the world. Make friends with the body, recover your ability to listen and be conscious of its natural, instinctive and intuitive intelligence. In this group you will receive the physical and spiritual tools to translate, meet and move from your inner body. You may surprise yourself, become more playful, be at ease in your body and have an enhanced sense of well-being. Awareness of the body through experiential anatomy brings clarity and safety of your location and hence grounding in this moment. Play, experience trust in its non-cognitive language, calling on intentional touch, reconnection to breath, using sound, sensation, visualisation. Revisiting meditation, relaxation, theatre games and honouring ancient Tibetan Meditation of Communicating with the Body. Learning how to let go of the goal seeking and instead attend with softness and strength, always with kindness, to the momentary sensations of the body that are always present. By allowing our bodies safety of space, permission for authentic movements and noticing what arises through our somatic imagination, empowers us to understand how the body speaks.

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