Move 2 The Dance of Movement and Stillness

Big frog 2

"ancient pond 
frog jumps in

Haiku: Basho

Life and our perception of it is through movement and stillness. We grew and continue to grow through moving and resting. It is our rhythm of life in our breath, fluids, cells and molecules, these join forming various body systems, all dancing together. Dancing this rhythm of life, the environment in which we live and are an integral part, we are reminded of these natural rhythms. Day and night, the ocean flowing in and out, the seasons and nature with activity in summer and stillness in winter. How we move in our life is directly affected by how we learnt to move and how we learnt to find rest and stillness. A natural movement development template began as early as conception and continued throughout the early forming years. It informed and continues to affect us today mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. Our psychosomatic behaviour, how we perceive this moment, regulation of our nervous system, our ability to respond, creativity, relationships and how we perceive and relate to the environment are all informed through movement and stillness. In an overstimulated world we have often been denied the necessity of resting. It is not until the body needs urgent rest when we are exhausted or sick or have an accident that we have given ourselves permission to rest. You will experience and understand the need for conscious to support presence in this moment and to have the space to catch up with yourself. By resting we are able to recover a space of stillness. This stillness is not a lack of movement. It is an actual recovery place within our body and full in its quiet spaciousness. We learn the art of taking care of this embodied place of presence. We take care of it simply by dropping into it "plop" as a frog plops into a pool. From this place of recovery our movement and action unfolds, expands and is in contact with its inner strength. Moving, dancing into rest, recovering with imagination and nurturing permission to be, we reconnect to self and other through movement. Meeting both in stillness and luxuriating in presence.

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