Move 3 The Heart Beat of Tao

Embodiment and Meditation

"The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step " Lao Tze

Move, feel, sense, visualise, have fun and dance with the pulse of the heart beat and the rhythm of the universe that flows through us all. Rediscover embodied compassion and how Embodiment and Meditation dance together as a moving pathway to the moment. Celebrate and explore the heart as the centre of embodied compassion, discover the human physical heart in its experiential anatomy and remember the dance of its embryological unfolding. Explore how your heart supports your movement and how your movement supports the nourishment of your heart. Experience how this may nurture your connection to self and others. Awaken your heart by simply being curious to what is. Mysteries, resources and qualities such as transparency, peace, innocence, its’ ability to self-regulate, regenerate and be restful. By strengthening our hearts we are strengthening the source of the global heart beat pulsing through us all: Empowering and uniting us in a place that moves beyond boundaries. Together, we create a field of caring and loving for this planet. Many hearts dancing together as one global source of love and joy.

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