The Listening Body

Sound and Movement, Music Appreciation

Big embodiescommunication

Truth is revealed: it cannot ever be told It has to appear inside the
telling or through the telling ‘’ (James Hillman)

This module is designed to support and acknowledge our ability to communicate from our own lived moving body.

Following natural impulses, movement, sound, listening and story-telling we can support our freedom to trust our creativity and expression.

We practice listening and responding to the body’s language of sensation, allowing authentic impulses, the arising of images and finding words to
give voice for the story the body wants to tell. Harnessing ways of playing with language, to hint at experience, we will embrace the emerging, the unknown and welcome it with our musicality.

Trusting our natural impulses, rhythms, tones and patterns of expression, we can discover support for being in environments. We learn experientially how to honour and orient on speaking, singing, sounding dancing and giving permission to our authentic spontaneous selves.

Music, sound, rhythms are all vibrations with which we are touched. To witness what happens in the body, to listen deeply yet lightly brings us back to accessing the wide range of expressive vibrations within ourselves. We discern how preferences and passions can assist us in widening how we use music for ourselves and with others.

Through playfulness and the attentive holding of a private group, in which we move, draw, write and be, we develop presence and confidence for speaking in public. We are rekindling our daily life with spontaneity, authenticity and play.

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