The Listening Body

Somatic Movement, Experiential Anatomy, Conscious Dance, Embodied Meditation

“Only the man who knows how to meditate knows how to listen, or vice-versa.
The man who knows how to listen knows how to meditate, because it is the
same thing.” Osho (The Osho Upanishad Talk 16)

What is it that arises when you listen?

An experiential embodiment and meditation training devised for those
working with others in professional capacities, and for self exploration, is
designed to support you in the relational aspects of being with, supporting
other, modelling and leading from within your own lived moving body. While
anatomical, scientific findings and meditation input is offered, we will
be recognising how the inner somatic terrain, witnessed, allowed and
celebrated becomes the source, perception and reflection from our own
support for being here.

It is experientially based in that whatever you discover comes from a
place of curiosity and play.

How do we hear, feel and sense the resources within that offer us support
for being? Discover how all the body systems play important roles in the
support and articulation of the body and are expressed in a wide range of
movement qualities and consciousness. Occupying the cells breath of
life, welcoming the bones consciously actively engages their vibrant and
informed structure, an underlying support for our moving potential. How do
I hear the tone of my muscles as information for presence?

How do the patterns of moving emergence provide a template to revisit and
be supported in embodiment?

Tuning and mobilising the felt sense of the body creates clarity, understanding and ease of communication. In the somatic field we call this quality of awareness embodiment. Welcoming the body, dropping below the habitual cognitive experiencing and allowing thought to relax in the background. Opening our awareness to the flow of tactile sensation and subtle vibration that is our actual bodily experience.

An exploration through movement and play, into the anatomical realms of the
ear, including the vestibular fluid content of orientation. Gravity, space
and muscle tone – how do these relate and allow you to be present? We will
engage with Live Moves ideas that fluidity underpins all organisation in
the body. That our breath, down to the cellular level offers ease and
information for transitions from moment to moment. That the alignment to
space and gravity orients us into relationship with other and that an open
heart maintains this fluid connection to being present. The inner pulsing
and sounds generated by our tissues are noticed. We engage with these
through exploring being touched by external music. This touch brings us
back into the contact with our own vibration, arising movement and
orchestration of our own rhythms and expressions. Out of this arises a
tactile presence of silence.

A four day exploration, fluid nature supporting tone, presence and
orientation, breathing, offering intentional touch, allowing movement to
emerge we will dance, draw and dialogue our findings.

We will play with finding language for our experiences, welcoming and
developing trust in an ability to access and find resources within the
living tissues of our bodies. Our place of simply being…


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