*Origins of Movement – Dance of the Embryo *

“Shape clay into a vessel,
It is the space within that makes it useful”

Lao Tze

Our life as we exist today began from the creative dance of two single cells. Through movement and touch we can perceive and understand our unfolding from a place of space, which moved into being in a form… a human being in a living body.

Through exploring our embryological process, we recover the template that supports us to discover our life potential. We reconnect with the primal roots of our structure, perception, responsiveness and presence. Today, this affects how we perceive ourselves, relate to others and our environment.

By moving consciously with this embryological template we are re-informed through our language of movement. The movement itself becomes the messenger where we reconnect with our resourceful and innate qualities. We experientially understand this place of presence by moving, as our original language of perception is movement and touch.

Embryological Movement Template:

- We are informed through movement. The basis for embodied understanding comes from movement itself;

- Finding our relationship with gravity underlies all movement patterns and grounding;

- Exploring the process of embodiment through our cells and tissues

- Membrane/Boundaries offer containment, transitioning and the clarity of awareness of inner and outer

- Space continuously informing us of the nature of being;

- Midline – Establishes orientation - Recognize the development of a resourceful, calm and quiet central axis

- Explore the balance of being and doing

- Witnessing

- Familiarity with the constancy of change

- Potency of fluids

- Each cell knows itself individually and at the same time is present and aware of supporting the good of the community.

- We are always whole in our constant state of unfolding. Embryo is complete in itself. Wholeness is always present.

Even though the structure is not present, the embryological process continues to inform us of our embodiment and unfolding of timelessness, which is love.

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