Resourcing through Movement

Big jumping

„Movement means awareness. You move because to move is sheer joy. You move because movement is life.„ Osho

We know the world because we move in the world. In this group we are invited to reclaim movement as a messenger. Somatic Movement is a language of sensation and perception, which speaks through discovery, expression, sensing, imagination and silence.

We have the possibility of being informed of the natural resources inherent in our body. We will be moving consciously, exploring and playing with our movement development patterns, embodied anatomy and natural movement.

Movement supports our ability to remain present, to find orientation and containment. Touch and the sensorial realm, form a vocabulary for perception. Cultivating a permissive environment for movement to express beyond formalised styles, making space for the spontaneous, the dimensionality of space, gravity, rhythms of activity and rest announce themselves.

As we witness our living bodies in movement: we find choices, support our ability to recover, we address effort, allow bodily intelligence and enjoy embodied presence.

Allowing the imaginative, the felt-sense and authentic movement to arise within us, we can attend to the relational. How we relate to that which arises, in ourselves and each other, in movement and in stillness is our moving meditation.


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