Embodied Spontaneity

Intuition, Impulse, Innocence

Big moves 3

Response is moment to moment. It has nothing to do with memory; it has something to do with your awareness. You see the situation with clarity; you are clean, silent, and serene.
Out of this serenity, spontaneously you act. It is not a reaction, it is action. You have never done it before, but the beauty of it is that it will suit the situation ,and it will be a joy to you to know that you are capable of being spontaneous.

Awakening to your intuition and ability to trust and follow you natural instincts and impulses is supported by that which you already have in your body. To rekindle and orient on your natural state of spontaneity, playfulness, aliveness and creativity this group nurtures your ability to respond from your inner truth and be flexible rather than to habitually react.

Explorations in impulse, elements of authentic movement, experiential anatomy, natural dance and latihan(a soft spontaneous movement meditation practice) supports allowing new possible pathways of movement and creative qualities of expression in the body and the mind. By being able to stay connected to ourselves and witness, we can also see and “witness “others moving with clarity.

Playfulness is an integral foundation that brings you to the moment, discharges tension, relaxes the nervous system, supports healing, integrating, connecting and authentically relating to ourselves and others. In freeing up our responses, we can engage with life as adults without sacrificing our embodied respondab-ility and spontaneity.

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