Embodied Communication


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Real education is like drawing water from a well, not pouring something into the well. Real education is drawing out of your being, so that your inner luminosity starts filtering through your body, your behaviour.

Enjoy discovering your own somatic movement languaging tools through your inspirations and ongoing explorations in movement, touch, the body, dance and experiential anatomy. Attention is given to remain embodied, present and responsible to your own experiences, while supporting yourself and others to be safely at home in the body .

You will gather skills, expand your capacity to communicate and understand yourself through the language of your primary origin-movement and touch- and experience your embodied felt-sense.

Somatic practice internalizes developing awareness and empowers you to relate from a grounded, compassionate place, to meet another in their experience and hold that in your perception. Connecting with your internal silent language of the body and listening into you are on the inside and preparing yourself to emerge and relate from this resourceful and empowered place.  You will move in the trust of being able to communicate, articulate and express from a place of presence.

Be it a professional or a personal need, you will use the body map, your moving self and all the creativity available to engage in communicating and embodying truth .

Whether you are a professional wishing to expand your skills, already involved in a somatic practice, body work, sport, healing profession, meditation or want to use it in your daily life, this work will deepen your experiential perception and felt sense vocabulary and languaging and support the prospect of fulfilling relationships and professional creativity.

By establishing "feeling good", safe and resourced as a ground for exploring learning in an experiential and playful way support is offered for integration and perception of the new.

Explore embodied presence where your body can offer support to communicate.  The internal landscape, in particular a regulated nervous system, in harmony with your endocrine glands, with responsive rather than reactive muscle tissue and the clarity offered by bones for structure of thought, will be supported by the emotional substance of your organ presence with it all harmonised, accelerated, paced and at times contained by fluids.  'Cell-ebrate' your unique expressions, grounded in embodied presence.

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