Natural Dance – Remember the Body

By remembering, we are relearning what we already know

Big embodiment

Without leaving his house he knows the whole world. Without looking out of his window, he sees the way of heaven.
Lao Tzu

A miracle is happening every moment.And each cell
functions so systematically,in such an orderly way,with such
an inner discipline,that it seems almost not
impossible-millions of cells.Seventy million cells are there
in a single body-seventy million souls.Each cell has its own
soul.They function in such a coherence, in such a rhythm and
harmony.The same cells become the eyes,and the same cells
become the skin,and the same cells become your liver and
your heart and your bone marrow and your mind and your
brain.And how they move,and how subtly and silently they
work in your body,god is manifested.You have to go
withinwards.You have not yet acquainted yourself with this
temple.Don't look for God in the sky,look within your own
body.......You will become aware of the whole mystery of
life .

Who is better qualified to be yourself other than you? This group is supporting you to enjoy and simply be who you are. It is oriented in an understanding that what you need for your own healing and growth lies within.  It is an experiential “being” rather than “doing” process in dance, movement, somatics (experiencing the body from within), touch, embodiment, yogastretching, playfulness, joy of life and silence.

A safe space is created within the group to support you becoming friends and trusting the language and wisdom of your own body. The methods are simple and direct ways to experience that “feeling good“ s a basis for authentic transformation.

An experiential based approach in Re-Memembering that your own body contains all the wisdom, mystery and authenticity that you need.

  • We will orient on well-being, a "feeling good" approach and having fun.
  • We will be exploring the origins of movement to simply perceive ourselves in our authenticity.  We began dancing as one cell and through reconnecting with the consciousness of it and the trillions of cells dancing within the body – we will re-establish our natural innate resources and supports.
  • Trough visualization... where the brain consciously recognizes that the body exists; somatization...where you perceive yourself  through   movement, sensing and touch and through embodiment...where you remember  and access the ancient intrinsic  wisdom.
  • Movement is Life ...every system of the body has its own unique ability to perceive and respond.  We will be exploring movement through the body systems: fluids, bones, muscles, organs, connective-tissue, blood... and the underlying and integrating cellular awareness.

When you take time throughout the day to make contact with your body it becomes progressively easier to feel safe, accepted and at home in your own skin and  in the world. With this, your personal comfort and safety increase while fear and discomfort decrease. This makes conditions for  feeling safe to express yourself creatively  and  to relate to others and your environment with clearer perception  and a richer range  of creative  and healthy  behavioural possibilities.

Through contact and integration of the bodymind system  health benefits are gained. To be sensitive to your own organism is a way of self regulation, supporting wellness rather than dis-ease. Contact with the bodies wisdom and nurturing its health  is an ongoing  spiritual practice. Through listening and following the bodies authentic impulses you are allowing your dance of life and have a creative form of expression.

Dancing is meditation where you simply give yourself to the dance. ’’The dancer disappears and becomes the dance.“ You are just simply yourself  being danced.

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