Body of Well-Being Group

Natural Dance and Somatic Movement

Big cd

The thin red jellies within you or within me,
the bones and the marrow in the bones.
The exquisite realization of health;
O I say these are not the parts and gems of the body only,but of the soul.
O I say now these are the soul!

Whalt Whitman

Starting at 20:30 until about 22:30 o'clock.

A unique opportunity to explore and discover the bodies wisdom through dance, somatic movement, embodied anatomy, embryology,conscious touch,playfulness and meditation.

Navanita will guide this process oriented on creating a supportive space where you are invited to explore trusting your bodies guidance. Her approach is done in a light hearted,fun way so that you can play and enjoy in your own unique discoveries . The process that unfolds from the group and its individuals encourages experiencing how your creativity is a healing power.
It is an experiential based workshop oriented on reclaiming your inherent resources by consciously moving from where your dance of life began ...your very first cell. Awakening consciousness in your body allows the innate cellular intelligence of the body to guide you and is a way to gently come back home and inhabit your own body. The group is based on an understanding that what you need for your healing and growth lies within you, supporting trust and a feeling of well-being,safety and "at home-ness" in your body.

By exploring different body systems,such as fluids,bones,muscles,respiratory
blood circulation and organs,you re-member and claim all the intelligent "members" of your beloved body and claim their innate resources,support and strengths.

Mind and body are integrally connected and a respectful change of how you perceive and live in your body can support your health,mental,emotional and spiritual well-being.As habitual patterns in the body change or become more flexible,the mind also changes,allowing for more greater openess ,choice, creativity and spontanaity of being.
This allows and supports you to live your life in a body of well-being, trusting your way in this dancing with life.

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