The Dance of the Embryo

Embodying Being

Big embryo

"The body developed out of us, not we from it.
We are bees,and our body is a honeycomb.
We made the body, cell by cell we made it ."

In exploring embryological development processes we discover the primal roots of our structure,perception,responsiveness and presence.This group will be an experiential journey through our embryological development using movement ,dance ,visualization, touch and dialogue. Our dance began in our first cell and we understand this place without words by moving  as our original language of perception is movement and touch.
We will be exploring how the body contains structures that support and inform us of our life potential. Finding our relationship with gravity underlies all movement patterns and grounding; exploring the process of embodiment through all our cells and tissues of boundaries offers containment and space informs us of our health and the potency of fluids.We will recognize the development of a calm and quiet central axis and explore the balance of being and doing  that offers support for our healthy movement today.
We began our dance of life at conception from the capacity of one cell that grew into an amazing wise body. As we re-integrate this mysterious unfolding we understand our uniqueness and belonging and being part of a bigger picture. We have all that we need to grow, heal and be whole. .

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