First Move then Understand

Movement is Life

Big first move

"Let the Body Follow Feeling,
Let the Feeling Follow the Unknown..."
Osho,The Beloved

In this group you will orient on movement as a direct way to perceive sense and express yourself. Unique opportunities to move, explore, inhabit, feel safe and be at home in the body through natural dance, somatic movement, embodied anatomy, embryology studies, conscious touch, playfulness and meditation.

Everything in life moves and everything in the body moves with life ... the cells pulsate, the breath of life expands and contracts, the heart beats, the blood flows, and while many different rhythms of life are dancing throughout the body, underneath it all continuously pulses a pervading mysterious life source.
Movement is a language of life, a direct pathway of communication and connection to your innate wisdom. Somatic and embodiment tools can support your spiritual practices to be integrated into your regular daily lifestyle. In reality most lives are lived in motion, dynamic relation to other people and the environment and your spiritual practices need to help you deal with this; to support your grounded spiritually. Our sense of movement was the first cranial nerve to form its ability to conduct

information in the womb, indicating how important it was and still is for
life , growth, development and orientation.Later our education and culture
placed more emphasis on the other 5 senses of sight,hearing,touch taste and
smell. In this group you will consciously re-establish the validity of your 6th sense of movement, reclaiming this language which needs to first move, sense and express so that it can
perceive and be understood.

The group is

  • A contained, safe space for your individual unfolding, to do as much or as little as is needed is woven together by Navanitas guidance and light hearted touch and play.

The group supports you

  •  Embodying and finding ways to rebuild your awareness of your boundaries, the container and the inner spaciousness of the body.
  • Re-establishing a perception of your life source centre (dantien or hara), through a felt sense of its actual physical location in the body. This allows for being with your power and your stillness in a safe and tangible experience.
  • Discovering the support of somatic movement for grounded spirituality.

By embodying and consciously experiencing your intrinsic body systems and
dancing cells you re-establish internal resources ,which support as you express, relate and respond to the external environment and others. Dance and somatic movement support your creativity, aliveness and trust in your uniqueness in life's mysterious dance .

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