Step 1: The Dance of Embodiment


Without leaving his house he knows the whole world. Without looking out of his window, he sees the way of heaven
Lao Tzu

Movement is the unifying bond between body mind systems.We grew though movement. It was the first sense to develop. Perception of ourself began through movement and touch and this is a language we will be re-establishing to support as a tool for expression and communication.
To support this we will establish resourcing and self-regulation skills that make being in the body and in our own skin comfortable and pleasurable. Working with a map of the cells, membrane and fluids, organs, bones, and muscle tissue as well as the ancient knowing of a fluid endocrine and nervous system, we come to acknowledge how each body has its own unique language and orchestration.
An Experiential Seminar with Navanitais an opportunity to engage in a self directed educational journey.

You will be guided, offered containment and playful companionship to deeply absorb yourself in your enquiry. The pace and rhythm of discovery will be formed out of your individual and the groups needs.
The nature of our enquiryis through a myriad of somatic approaches, honouring the felt sense, the uniqueness of you and the celebration of the answers we seek, arising out of our remembering; remembering the body. You can apply what you discover simply for your own self, or you can integrate the skills in your professional arena.

We play with finding language for our experiences, developing trust in an ability to access and find the resources that lie within the tissues of the body, emerge into relationship from a more integrated and balanced sense of
the being and allowing healing to arise.

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