Step 2: Sahaj Yoga Stretching


Big tree spirit

Love your body and you will feel relaxation such as you have never felt before. Love is relaxing. When there is love there is relaxation, you care about the body. To be in love with the body is the first step toward spirituality

These will be precious days to recharge and recover the peace and vital stillness in your body/mind system oriented on comfort and ease.
Sahaj means easy and natural, Yoga means union of the body, mind and spirit. Stretching is a way of consciously letting go of tensions and creating more space on the inside.
Bringing consciousness into the body empowers it.  Sensing the body creates clarity and perception and by exploring embodied anatomy of your own body systems, tissues and cells, such as cells, membranes and fluids, organs, bones, and muscle tissue as well as the ancient knowing of a fluid endocrine and nervous system you inhabit and re-establish the bodies innate resources .
To consciously recognize the intrinsic supports within the body, we need to move.  This is our kinesthetic sense.  Our sense of movement-called our 6th sense –was the first cranial nerve to form its ability to conduct information in the womb. This indicates how important it was, and still is for life, support, growth ,development and orientation. Our body is made to move, otherwise we would have inbuilt cushions attached to our bums so we could sit all day or there would be wheels on our feet so we could move faster.
Embodiment is an experiential learning process which happens in the bodymind and the experience is integrated at a cellular level. Initiating yoga stretches from a conscious and embodied way supports you to be present to your inner state of being, rather than on effort concerned about results or the ‘doing’ of the yoga stretches .You will be able to recognize what can be done directly and immediately to increase freedom of movement ,breath, to renew grounding, alignment and pulsation.
Whether you are experienced in yoga or not this practice will nourish, support and enhance your connection to the body and the consciousness within.  Exploring this through embodied anatomy, visualizing and the felt-sense you affect the whole of you: body, mind, psychology and spirit.
By connecting with the body in a loving, gentle and friendly way the practice is oriented on re-establishing a more vital, intimate and safe perception of the body and the life source within.

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