Step 3 : Creativity

Resposibility and Playfulness

Response is moment to moment. It has nothing to do with memory; it has something to do with your awareness. You see the situation with clarity; you are clean, silent, and serene. Out of this serenity, spontaneously you act. It is not a reaction, it is action. You have never done it before, but the beauty of it is that it will suit the situation, and it will be a joy to you to know that you are capable of being spontaneous.

To rekindle and orient on our natural state of being playful, alive and happy,  we will be re-establishing the ability to respond to life rather than  habitually react to it. To invite the natural resource of playfulness and creativity that makes innocent, beautiful and magical.  Awakening wonder, playing with life and its mystery, rather than functioning or working at it.
Playfulness is an integral foundation that dances all the way through the training. It just feels good to have fun and has been scientifically proven that we actually learn the most when we play .It brings you to the moment ,discharges tension , relaxes the nervous system, supports healing, integrating , connecting ,relating and humour helps you to not take yourself or life so seriously.…. and is of course very spiritual.
Awareness of our movement supports the orientation to the moment where response arises from. Unlearning habitual ways of moving in life happen in bringing awareness to what is now.
We notice how, where and when we initiate movement.  Impulses for movement, for self organisation arise from within, and giving ourselves permission to allow these impulses enables us to let go of learnt responses.  By nurturing our ability to sense, we enable new pathways and qualities of expression.
 In a society which discourages experimentation and curiosity, and encourages effort and doing, we have forgotten how to rest and relax. We can reintegrate this physical need through perception and movement. Honouring natural pauses enables embracing of moments of rest which regenerates the system and our aliveness.
The dance of embodiment, the mapping through the tissue systems offers us a playground of resources.  Within this terrain the witness and the act of being rather than doing once more arise to the foreground.  Moving beyond the script of our stories, - the patterns of learnt nervous system response, - we reclaim our right to orient to the present moment.  Nerves choose, when to be quick, move you to refuge or when to take time and allow you to emerge.  They gain tools to move beyond being stuck or startled and we befriend rather than defend within our environment.  Freeing up this myriad of responses, we are once more free to engage with life as adults without sacrificing our innocent, playful absorption in the mystery of life.

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