Step 4: Health and Well-Being

Happy Cells

The word Healing comes from the same source as where the word Whole comes . Whole ,Health ,healing all come from the same root. To be Healed means to be joined with the Whole

Health is a natural sate of being. This module is oriented on supporting a healthy wholeness in the body, mind and spirit.  Being friends and in your body offers a way for you to experience and understand that you already have what you need for your own healing and growth within, and that its always here.
Orientation on what it means to experience comfort, access resources and instincts supports a feeling of bein safe and at home in the body. Using movement, sensing, receiving, bringing in visual imagery and our imagination, we listen to the wisdom and guidance the body mind system offers to support health and well-being .As each body is unique, you have the opportunity to discover your bodies’ language.
By developing consciousness oriented on taking care of health, rather than taking care of sickness or what is a problem or not OK, we can begin to take care of and access resources, strengths and innate qualities which had previously been unconscious and learn to nourish and restore natural health potency.
The whole system is involved in health. The body systems, fluids and cells, the mind, the feelings and the life source. We will be exploring cellular potency and its way to take care of health.
Every cell in our body is alive with consciousness and potency .Each of our 75 trillion cells offer wisdom and is instinctively aware of maintaining health. Cells communicate and respond to the intention for the maintenance of the whole organic community. What we think affects the cells and hence the body and how we are in our body also affects the mind. The system is not one body and one mind it is both, a body-mind relationship. Candace Pert, a leading neuroscientific researcher acknowledges ”Your mind is in every cell of your body”. Suzuki Roshi, a zen teacher, said ”Body and mind are not two and not one.”
To support us in becoming aware, we focus on the microcosm, the model of cellular well being.  We learn about boundaries, membranes, space within and around, differentiating self and other; the power of regeneration, exchanges with our environments, and how at this deepest, simplest level of the body, self organisation towards always being healthy is maintained.  Therefore, this experiencing of our cells connects us with our authentic and true well nature, unique to each individual.  It serves as inspiration for noticing how this model may support us in other aspects of our being, where we seek health and wellbeing.  We understand, from within, that patterns are created and held at these levels.  By trusting we can explore cellular awareness, we have an opportunity to bring change and have new choice - oriented on what is needed in this moment
Knowing what is needed is a way of being kind to yourself.  Kindness towards the self creates more clarity, enabling wiser and healthier life-style choices.  Through simple and playful ways of restoring well-being, “taking care of yourself” can become a meditation.  Rather than you doing it to the body and telling it what is good for it, you learn the art of listening to the body and letting it guide you to what it needs.  This empowering wisdom is a remembrance of how you already know what you need to nourish, revitalise and support your natural state of health and well-being.

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