Step 5: Light of Being

Teaching and Communication

The light of your being, or whatever you call spirit , essence , soul" shining through your body

The best way to share your knowing is to shine your knowing, to be it, so that others may see and be free to choose what to learn from it.
We practices our skills to communicate, to deepen experiences and be present using Natural Dance and Somatic Movement and Embodied Anatomy.  It is to integrate the tools and inspirations and ongoing exploration from the previous 4 parts to find new and healthy ways to explore movement, touch, the body and dance and to have the courage and expression to support others to be in the body. Practical ways to play with and remain connected with the body stay present and grounded. The module will respond to the needs of the group and the individual.
Respecting the skills you already bring, we will seek to find ways of supporting each other in how we may communicate and share with others.  Be it a professional or a personal need, we will once more use the body map, our moving selves and all the creativity available to engage in communicating our truth and embodying them.  An underscore of compassion, ordinariness, our humour and individuality we claim language, timing, pacing, placing and knowing when to embrace silence, as ways to facilitate others their learning joy.
Whatever our fields of application are, either in sport, healing, meditation, daily living... we explore embodied presence, where we need courage, where our body can offer us support to communicate.  The internal landscape, in particular a regulated nervous system, in harmony with our endocrine glands, with responsive rather than reactive muscle tissue and the clarity offered by our bones for structure of thought, will be supported by the emotional substance of our organ presence with it all harmonised, accelerated, paced and at times contained by our fluids.  Once more, we cellebrate our unique expressions.
We address how to offer others support for the telling of their stories.  We notice when we would encourage movement, when there is a need to speak, to draw, to express, laugh and when there is a need to rest, to integrate, to be silent .  We are truthful and humble. Most of all, we celebrate the skills we have. We allow them to shine, to be played with and seen.  The more we are comfortable with owning the uniqueness that is each one of us, the easier it becomes to move into our own authority.  When we dance, allowing all our moving, with courage and an open heart, along the paths that are truly ours, other can join us and share the journey

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