Dance Body Earth

The Nature of Embodied Presence,

Everything is within you, and everything belongs to the earth.
The earth is the temple.
Not only beautiful flowers grow on it, not only tall trees grow on it, but
a man like Zarathustra, or Gautam Buddha, or Jesus, is also growing on the same earth. They are the pride of the earth.
He is immensely unique in not condemning the earth – on the contrary, praising it. It is the mother of all. If we had understood the earth as the mother of all, even of great values, we would have treated the earth in a different way. We have destroyed it. We have almost poisoned it. We have broken its ecological unity. We have disturbed its environment. And now with nuclear weapons we are ready to destroy it.
And it is the source of all that is beautiful, and all that is great.
The earth is sacred.


We are nature. Our bodies are nature expressing love for life. Incorporating the elements of earth, oceans and space, cells arise manifesting membranes, embrace fluids and we unfold numerous complex levels of organising for bodies to become. We will be dancing playing, moving, being with self and other in natural surroundings. Each day will begin with somatically tuning into our bodies and to then explore our connection to what the body offers. Embodied Meditation is our ground for orientation. We will mobilise our moving language that comes from within. We will engage in a delightful body based experiential journey of rejuvenation and expression. In this we will play and explore with the anatomical landscapes, - clarifying cells, fluids, membrane of skin, scope of breath, might of muscles moving, bones as earth and support for space -, and we will reach into the outer environment and deepen our tools for intentional touch, visualization, sensing, inhabiting stillness and expressing. Our inner witness, accompanies the creative self and through movement we join in the dance of co-arising. We open to the possibility of re-organizing our civilized bodies to creatively embody our earthling nature and reaffirm that the Earth does not belong to us, we belong to the Earth. A contained group, facilitated with humour, kindness and the supportive presence of Navanita.

This seminar can be booked as a 3 or 7 day retreat: 18.-20. Febuary 2018 or 18.-24. Febuary 2018 

For inquiries and booking please contact Navanita at  


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