Embodied Spirituality - Moving Stillness…

Somatic Movement and Natural Dance

“Nothing has happened, and nothing will happen.
What is there, is there.” Bauls sutra”
“One finds it by becoming a witness.”

"When you lose touch with the inner stillness,
you loose touch with yourself.
When you lose touch with yourself ,
You lose yourself in the world."
Eckhart Tolle

Movement and Stillness complete each other. Movement needs stillness and likewise, stillness needs movement for wholeness. Stillness underlies all creation. It’s just natural.

This group will be experientially exploring  movement as meditation. By empowering the “watcher” or “witness” we are able to hold a field of awareness. Remaining present to what is moving in this moment. Be it—big or small movements.
We will be establishing embodiment and the connection to the body as a vehicle through which we can know that which is not the body . That which is not the body and the consciousness which resides in it. Being comfortable and safe in our own body and aware of the life source or consciousness that lives within creates a whole man .

Practicing authentic movement— we invite being able to watch ourselves while watching another moving.

Self-regulation—ability to know our limits, boundaries and know when to go into action and when to rest. Increasing our resilience and ability to meet an often over-stimulating environment with a capacity to integrate and remain present.

Body scanning—bringing attention to where the body is in this moment through sensation, we are bringing consciousness to strengthen and build a constant field of presence and awareness to the moment.

Expressive movement—allowing the movement and dance to express, move however it wants while we remain present to the  “watcher”.

Gathering tools—Experiential  movement practices which we will go home with to explore and integrate as our own.

Group Process-- The support of  a group experience , interaction and the experience of how empowering it is to actually support each other in a safe place , offers the potential for each person to change and the world around.

The  natural and nourishing quality of moving from stillness can enhance , beautify and bring peace to your practical and spiritual life. A foundation is layed by the group  on which you may build your whole life –embodied , heartful , alive ,flexible and full of spirit where each person can find their own way of being.

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