You Gotta MOOOve

Somatic Movement,Embodied Anatomy and Meditation

"Worms will not eat living wood where the vital sap is flowing; rust will not hinder the opening of a gate when the hinges are used each day.Movement gives health and life.Stagnation brings disease and death.".. that means You Gotta Move .
A proverb in traditional Chinese Medicine


Movement is Life and all Life Moves. Beginning the journey from remembering our very first cells we will consciously embody our magnificent dance of humanness.

Lives are lived in motion, dynamic relation to other people and the environment and our spiritual practice helps us with this. Everything in the body moves with life ...the heart beats, the breath of life expands and contracts, blood flows, cells vibrate and while many different rhythms of life are dancing throughout the body, underneath it all pulses a pervading mysterious life source. To orient on this as support, we can stabilize a possibly chaotic system.

Fitting into the social fabric of today often we try to do more than we can. This disrupts our natural rhythms and creates imbalances within our bodies and souls, resulting in disharmonies. Seeing, feeling, and listening to the body restores harmony. We will come back to our origins and bring consciousness to movement as a direct way to perceive, sense and express ourselves. 

Reclaiming the sense of movement as the first organiser, and revisiting the other senses in an integrated way, we address our power to change habits, to allow moving in ease and rejuvenate health. We will embody and find ways to rebuild our awareness of our boundaries, and the inner spaciousness of the body. Experiencing ourself with orientation on the felt sense and the ways in which our inner terrain offers immense intelligence and organising. From this deep listening, it is possible to expand and create new possibilities, re-establish internal resources that underlie support as you express, relate and respond to the external environment and others.

 In the group room a safe place is created to support your perception of movement as a powerful resource to stay connected to yourself, whatever is happening inside or outside.

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