BODHI BODY- Experiential Anatomy

Somatic Movement and Dance, Resourcing and Embodied Meditation

Big about navanita

"Now my sweet one be wise.
Cast all your votes for dancing."
(a dancing mystic)

A movement and dance based embodiment meditation experience. In this group we will consciously re-establish natural anatomical resources to recover and reconnect with the natural intellligence of our body. This is a non-conceptual language independent of the cognitive intelligence.

To remember its Forgotten Language we simply need to experientially understand and listen which is easiest recovered through movement, touch, visualising and being present. Trusting the body is supported by letting go of preconceived ideas about it and respectfully entering it with Beginners Mind.

The bodies wisdom is always guiding us to a place called home inside where we re-discover Innocence.

We will orient on reclaiming our natural embodied capacities including centering, grounding, establishing clarity of containment and boundaries while remaining open on the inside, finding the natural rhythm of knowing when to move in action and when to rest.

Watching or witnessing gives us the space to recover our creativity, aliveness, self-healing and embodied space of meditation.

By exploring  anatomical body systems such as cells, fluids, bones, muscles, respiratory, blood circulation and organs, we re-member the individual resources each system offers for being embodied, conscious and wholy alive.


The group ends on 25th August 2013 at 18.00 pm

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