Sahaj Yoga Stretch and Dance

Big yoga stretching

This group combines Navanita’s unique way of Yoga Stretching and Natural Dance & Somatic Movement. In this precious weekend, you will experience ‘Life is Movement’ and recover the peace and vital stillness in your body/mind system.

Sahaj means easy and natural, Yoga means union of the body, mind and spirit. Stretching is a way of consciously letting go of tensions and creating more space on the inside.  Unlike the yoga practice that emphasizes on asanas, our way is bringing consciousness into the body which empowers it. Sensing the body creates clarity and perception.

Initiating yoga stretches from a conscious and embodied way supports you to be present to your inner state of being. You will be able to recognize what can be done directly and immediately to increase freedom of movement, breath, to renew grounding, alignment and pulsation.

By connecting with the body in a loving, gentle and friendly way the practice is oriented on re-establishing a more vital, intimate and safe perception of the body and the life source within. Whether you are experienced in yoga or not this practice will nourish, support and enhance your connection to the body and the consciousness within.

Somatic and embodiment tools can support your spiritual practices to be integrated into your regular daily lifestyle. In reality most lives are lived in motion, dynamic relation to other people and the environment and your spiritual practices need to help you deal with this; to support your grounded spiritually. Our sense of movement was the first cranial nerve to form its ability to conduct information in the womb, indicating how important it was and still is for life, growth, development and orientation.


Later our education and culture placed more emphasis on the other 5 senses of sight, hearing, touch taste and smell. In this group you will consciously re-establish the validity of your 6th sense of movement, reclaiming this language which needs to first move, sense and express so that it can perceive and be understood.

By embodying and consciously experiencing your intrinsic body systems and
dancing cells you re-establish internal resources, which support as you express, relate and respond to the external environment and others. Dance and somatic movement support your creativity, aliveness and trust in your uniqueness in life's mysterious dance.

The group ends on 17th August 2013 at 18.00 pm

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