Natural Dance / Somatic Movement / Embodied Meditation

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"First Move, Then Understand"

Body is Home and the medium through which we learn about ourselves and the world. This group offers playful reconnecting and recovering practices through moving in meditation.

A unique opportunity to move, explore, inhabit, feel safe and be at home in the body through natual dance, somatic movement, cellular consciousness, experiential anatomy, embryology, conscious touch, sahaj yoga stretching and meditation.

To support this we will

#Establish resourcing and self-regulation skills that make being in the body and in our own skin comfortable and pleasurable.

# Bring consciousness through  experiential anatomy to find orientation and clarity in bodily perception.

#Explore perceptual explorations and find alternative ways of moving to understand the nervous system and restore ease and alignment .

#Encourage an embodied approach to learning.

#Listen to the bodies  inherent intelligence, languaging and mystery.

#Validate our subjective experiences as the medium to trust  and orient on recovering  our  natural uniquenes.

#Recover our natural creativity  in our personal movement, work and our lives.

#Experience embodied meditation and witnessing practices.

#Explore embodied resources  to restore aliveness, alignment and ease in movement.

#Experience how playfulness supports simply being ourselves.

#Allow natural movement to clarify personal movement and support integrating and articulating our findings.

This playshop is open to movers, dancers, masseurs, teachers, somatic practicioners, health practicioners, therapists and all those who are interested in inhabiting the body and place with more ease, playfulness and awareness.

About Navanita and you in the group

Navanitas own embodiment practice and experience offers a field of grounded support  to participants.
Bodily perception is not cognitive or linear. The body has its own language and we need to feel safe and contained as we explore this natural inherent bodily language  as a way of connecting with our health and Well-Being.
Navanitas unique healing journey  in 1994 where she recovered from an accident in which  27 or so bones were broken (including her legs and back) is based on Meditation , movement  and listening to the guidance of the body and  itsinnate wisdom being at the base of her recovery.
Dance and the consciousness within the body was and still is her medium in which she perceives herself and the world. Offering the trust in a continously unfolding embodiment practice, Navanita includes teaching as part of her meditation.
You are offered a natural safe place where we will be exploring the moment together through Natural Dance and Somatic Movement meditation practices as a way of Dancing our Well -Being.

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