The Dancing Body

Being Moved

Big dancing body being moved

"Breathing in, I feel my body.
Breathing out, I smile."

Body is Home and the medium through which we experientially learn about ourselves and the world.

Guided by play and humour, discover the simple practice of listening to how we are moving as a way of meditation and returning to "nowness".

Renew grounding, embody space and find immediate self care through creatively exploring, inhabiting and being at home in the body. Resourcing and dancing with a multitude of somatic approaches, we explore trusting and allowing the natural movements of the body.

Embodiment supports our ability to move with ease and kindness; to learn, perceive, utilise language and orient in our inner and outer environments.  Primarily we will validate our subjective experiences as the medium to trust and to have fun dancing practical ways of recovering our uniqueness and restoring inherent wellbeing.

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