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Natural Dance and Somatic Movement

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Your body contains all the wisdom you need. This training offers an experiential journey to become friends with the body, develop trust in its language, discover its innate wisdom and understand that you already have within what you need for your healing, growth and well-being. It is “experiential”, because you will perceive, move, and out of the moving body, source your own understanding and perception .Your learning is a remembering of what you already know . The tools played with are “navigators“ to experientially get to know your own body and its embodied consciousness which guides you to trust, allow, heal and simply be.

Natural Dance and Somatic Movement Education is by its nature, explorative and has an innate healing and therapeutic affect. The methods are simple and pragmatic ways to bring into experience that “feeling good“ is a basis for authentic transformation and learning in a pleasurable way is encouraged. You will move, explore, inhabit, feel safe and at home in your body through natural dance, somatic movement, embodied experiential anatomy, embryology studies, cellular consciousness, playfulness and meditation.

It is for Anybody with Any Body. The contents can be incorporated in professional and everyday life. It can be applied in any work place, to your body work, movement practices, therapy, creativity and for health practicioners.

Somatic and embodiment tools support your spiritual practices to be integrated into your daily life. ”Soma” (translated from Greek) means awareness of the body from within and embodiment is inhabiting and accessing its cellular consciousness. In reality, most lives are lived in dynamic motion, dynamic relation to other people and the environment and your spiritual practice needs to support you to deal with this. To guide your inner teacher Navanita creates a sense of safety and containment, facilitating you to explore your edges while being anchored in your resources to integrate the new.

Resources come from rediscovering and re-establishing a new felt sense of your body in its entirety. This is happening through a joyful and light hearted enquiry, experiencing that being absorbed in play is how we learn best. You may move, dance, write, draw, sense, feel, visualize, live and communicate about your learning experiences. Explore and find your own unique way of expressing yourself or rest with it all in silence. - A doctor expressed her delight in discovering her body with Navanita ”I am a person who had an idea that I already knew the body. I had then learnt about the body through energy work. Then I had learnt about the body through emotions. However, here I have really learnt about the body through the body.”

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